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Heavy Metal Drummer




the more people who see this the happier my life becomes.


is that from your church birthday party this weekend?


yes of course 4 american guys dressed like that come to a small town in ireland to play ZZ top.


OH man, that's so badass. I've got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!

He's also, obviously, the most talented of the three. Cant blame him for making some lame-ass cover band a bit more interesting.


Ha, I'm loving the double bass and one rack-tom!


Ok, so the drummer clearly rocks the shit...but what's up with the bass player windmilling it at the end there?! Total awesomeness

\m/ \m/


This made my day...fucking brilliant. Looks like Animal from the Muppet Show.


hahaha wow thats awesome!


But wait there's more:

I think they were on after the puppet show.


That guy is funny. You have to let people like that cut loose and go nuts every so often.


Am I the only one who thought this would be a Wilco-related thread?
Great clip regardless...




That was awesome. Still confused on the thread title though.


My family is from Longford if that means anything to you.




Those are the sort of stick tricks you see from former marching band players. Great showmanship.


i was being sarcastic