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Heavy Lungs, Tren Sides or Am I Just F****d?


I recently am in week 11 on my cycle, was plannin on runnin 15 but way things are goin idk...
Started 1st month
800test e weekly
400mg tren e weekly
300mg deca weekly
And 400 to 600 mg dbol weekly
3 weeks I ran same amount on injectibles but took break off dbol

Then I jumped on aanadrol 400 to 600mg weekly and the injectibles ran same
Well on week 10 I popped a shot 400t e, wit 200 tren e and 150mg of deca in one buttcheek, soon as I pulled out, I got extremely hot, I felt like, coughing and experienced major shortness of breath. ..scary feelin, this was a week ago an I still have shortness of breath, no tren since, had e.k.g done, heart xray, cat scan , no hb pressure, everythings fine, but still have short ness of breath, will this ever go away or am I fucked? (I completely cut tren out btw)


Any help?


You have some replies over on the Steroids forum.


Can u direct me there?


Hi There

I have the same issue since I injected tren in 2013. Have you got any improvement yet? Shortness of breath. I have taken all kind of asthma inhalers but no better.

Many thanks