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Heavy Low Rep Training, No Partner


Quick question if you dont have a training partner/spotter how would you suggest going about high weight low rep training.

The issues i see would be getting weight into position, training to failure on certain exercises (like bench). Is smith machine the answer cus i dont really like them lol

Its mainly just chest exercises i see an issue with for legs there is a squat rack, deads or BOR you can drop the bar but if that happens with chest your kinda fu(ked

cheers for any help


Nothing wrong with benching in the squat rack if you don't have a spotter on bench. And if you don't want to because there are people that need to squat in there, then those same people can spot you on bench. Problem solved.


Don't be shy about asking random gym dudes for spots. For the most part, guys don't mind helping another lifter out, as long as you're serious about it. If you're one of those guys who bring the bar down to 3 inches above your chest, then push it back up, you'll annoy people. Otherwise, you should be fine.

And if you just aren't comfortable interrupting a guy to ask him to come over and spot you, try simply finding someone who is already benching, and ask if you can work in with him. If there's another guy benching alone, he might appreciate having a spotter for his lifts as well.

Oh, and I should probably throw in a more typical T-Nation answer....

Get some friends --> Have them spot you


Stop being a pussy, sack up, and push the damn weight yourself.


Yea luckily I have a training partner, but others who see that I'm a frequent gym-goer often ask me for a spot.


You could always leave a rep in the bank, imho i think it can be beneficial on low rep, high weight training. Saying that though, seated DB presses can be a bitch getting the first rep out without a spotter.


don't use collars on bench. If you get stapled you can always tip the bar and let the weights slide off. Be ready for the bar to move rapidly as soon as the plates start to come off.

You shouldn't be failing often; I really can't remember the last time I failed a bench, 6 or 8 years ago maybe.


That's a bad idea, and no fun if it happens. Why not just be safe and bench in a freakin' power rack if he can?


Bench and squat in a power rack. For bench set the safety bars right above your chest so when you fail it's as close to your chest as possible. Same goes for the squat it's kinda uncomfortable to dump the bar but if you have the safety bars up its not a big deal. Aso front squats you can dump the bar forward.




Beats lying there for hours until someone comes over to help you. I've done this in an empty gym with no squat rack. But if you have a rack it's the best idea. You'll probably need a slight arch.

Or use dumbbells. Or if you're skinny/weak enough you can do floor presses.


I used to worry about getting pinned on the bench press, because I typically train at 6:00AM, and there is no way I can convince a training partner to join me. And there usually aren't a lot of people in there to ask for a spot anyway. But these days, I'm perfectly happy with just rolling the bench off my chest and siting up and moving it to the floor.


I train with a partner about 30% of the time so I rarely have a spotter,I've found that if you hit a failure on a regular bench just lift your hips well off the bench and press you will get the weights to the top;its better than getting pinned (don't do reps like this its a bad habit to get into).
But the best way is just to use the squat rack,remember to put something between the back of the squat rack and the bench;because the bench isn't fixed leg drive normally can slide the bench.


This is what I do. However I had a problem with the spacing on the safty bars; they were to high to b a full range bench and I couldn't shim the bench up higher. So I just started to bench from a dead stop on the pins. Got a lot stronger on the bench and fast (20lb in 3 weeks). Good plateu buster.


No, I am serious. It is not much fun, but gets the bar off your chest.


I was just asking because I would get kicked out of my gym for doing that. They come around and moniter us to make sure we have the collars on AT ALL TIMES...it's fuckin' ridiculous...even on deadlifts when I'm only using the 45s