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Heavy Lifts = Shrinkage?


I've noticed a couple of times when I do heavy lifts, my guy likes to shrink inside of me.

Anyone know why?


Yeah, your blood is busy circulating through the muscles you just blasted. He is not called on at this time, so minimal blood circulates to him.


hmmmm, i thought it was because his spotter was a little too close.


Well, that too. Unless you're lucky to get a female spotter, then he may wake up. I know it's hard for me to properly focus when I have my wife spot me on bench press when she's in shorts.


Happens all the time in the gym. The blood thing makes sense. Either way not a good place to show a T-Vixen your member.

Reminds me of the Sienfeld episode where one of George's girlfriends walks in when he is changing after taking a shower.


Could it be because really heavy lifts invoke the "fight-or-flight" reflex (which includes pulling up the nuts to protect them)? If a lift is heavy enough that it could kill you if you miss it, your body might simply be reacting on instinct.

Either that or the air conditioning is too intense in your gym.


I agree with the fight and flight response.

Circulation makes sense.