Heavy Lifts (Low reps) + Mid Lifts (High reps) Training Log


I am a 1.82m(~6ft), 83kg(183lbs) male who is considering a new workout.

Let me just start with how strong (or not) I am:

  • able to do abt 10 real pull ups
  • bench 3/4 of my body weight abt 5 reps
  • squat full body weight abt 5 reps
  • deadlift full body weight abt 8 reps

Of course my goal is to get bigger and lose some excess fat(waist size abt 34" on gd days and 38 on bad days!!), getting stronger is optional!!

I have been hitting the gym quite regularly for the past 2.5 months abt 4-5days a week.
I concentrate on the basics lifts and have been trying to increase my frequency of each body part.
I have devised a training program and i wish to know what you guys think abt it.
Its a 4 day workout and here it goes:

Day 1:
BB Flat Bench Press (Heavy: 5x5)
BB Incline Bench Press (Heavy: 5x5)
Lat Pull Down (Heavy: 5x5)
T-Bar Row (Heavy: 5x5)
Rest Time approx 2-3mins for above

DB Flyes and DB Pullovers (Mid weight 3x10-no rest)

Day 2:
DB Shoulder Press (Heavy: 5x5)
BB Rear Shoulder Press (Heavy: 5x5)
Squat (Heavy: 5x5)
Deadlift (Heavy: 5x5)
Rest Time approx 2-3mins for above

DB Lateral/Front Raise and DB Lunges (Mid weight 3x10 -no rest)

Day 3: Similar to day 1 but less weight, increase reps n reduce rest time
DB Flat Bench Press (Mid: 4x10)
DB Incline Bench Press (Mid: 4x10)
Lat Pull Down (Mid: 4x10)
T-Bar Row (Mid: 4x10)
Rest Time approx 2mins for above

Day 4: Similar to day 2 but again less weight, higher reps n less rest.
DB Shoulder Press (Mid: 4x10)
BB Rear Shoulder Press (Mid: 4x10)
Squat (Mid: 4x10)
Deadlift ((Mid: 4x10)
Rest Time approx 2mins for above

So basically what I’ve done is to mix heavy weights n mid weights in a bid to increase strength
and also for hypertrophy with the frequency.

Has anyone have any similar training logs before? How are your results? Any comments will be greatly
Thanks in advance for sharing!!!