Heavy Lifting or Explosive Lifting While Dieting?

Hey CT,

Is there a difference between olympic lifts, sprints, jumps etc to heaving lifting for keeping muscle mass while dieting?

Both recruit the muscles maximally, of course the tension duration is worlds apart. But simply to keep muscle not to build, shouldnt it work too?

The methods that will build the most muscle are the best methods to retain muscle. In that regard, the olympic lifts and sprinting aren’t that great for that purpose. Recruitment is one thing, putting a mechanical load on the fibers to trigger growth is another. You need a significant eccentric component to maximize growth stimulus.

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Makes sense. Thanks for the quick response.
Sorry for asking another one, but what would be the minimal dose of heavy lifting to keep the muscle?

This program is suitable for your purposes and explains everything in detail.

Its author is Mr CT, who explained that it is also suitable for burning fat. The article also explains eccentric repetitions.