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Heavy Lifting Causing Panic Attacks?

I’m familiar with heavy lifting causing neurological fatigue and symptoms including loss of motivation. I’m fairly prone to anxiety and used to have occasional panic attacks, which have become much rarer for me now.

In the past several months, I have had 2, and they were both on a day after a workout where I went heavy on 2-3 of the big lifts. Other factors including sleep and work stress may have played a role, but the workout was a constant.

Other than increasing sleep or spreading out the intense work (which I typically do) what are the best ways to mitigate this effect? How can I supplement properly?

Panic attacks are the extreme version of anxiety. They are nothing more than your nervous system going too fast for your to control it. So a training that amps up your CNS to a very high extent could indeed trigger a panic attack,especially if stimulants were taken or if your life stress was high on that day.