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Heavy Legs

I have a real f… problem. I feel like my legs are made out of stone. I’m a basketball player and that has become a real problem for me. I’m sure it can’t be overtraining (I’m doing The next big three program) and i have trainings 3 times a week. Now I feel like i can’t jump 50 cm.
I really need some help.

I would personally say that the next big three routine is not good for in season basketball. It should help with building a foundation while maintaining flexibility, but there is no exercise that requires full forceful extension.

Drop it know, do Jerks or snatches, and or do some dot drill, or just jump around…jump around…

Oh yea, the next big three also could very well tighten you hip flexors and tibialis/plantar flexors whatever the muscles that pull the foot up. Stretch your hip flexors and those there foot muscles.