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Heavy Kettlebell Swing Article



I am just curious if any of you have done this? It seems fun but is it useful?


Yes I have a T-handle and have went as high as 250x10 with it recently.

I use the T-handle with around 100x25 done for 3 sets to warm up before workouts.


Don’t know about extremely heavy swings like the article talks about but as Fischer says moderately heavy swings are great for warm ups. I did two sets of 10-12x 100 pds. today and went straight into my deadlift sets at 395 without any issues at all and I’m 46.


Not me, I stick with either double swings outside the knees with 70 lb. bells. Sets of 10 and up to 25 or I do one arm swings with an 88 lb. bell, sets of 10, rest to the top of each minute