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Heavy Incline Dumbbell Press: Getting DBs into Position?

How on earth i can lift dbs to right starting position?? That knee kick not work, dbs got stuck few inches too low, and it hurts like a hell in shoulders to twist those suckers in right place.
Same for dumbbel shoulder press. I can do incline 120s but can get only 90s up by myself.
Should i stop doing those altogether??? (Not possible use to use any apparatus for that) soo frustrating…

Lower the incline?

From dead start position, can you press the 120s? If not, the issue is the ego, not setting in place, if you can… i don’t know what to tell you XD I don’t have major issue with High and normal incline (low incline is more a pain in the ass…)

Personnaly, i throw them both together in the air (i use the 110s for sets of 10+, so it is not working because it’s light…) one at a time doesn’t feel right (it requires an adjustable lower part on the bench or i fall down XD)

Maybe use the momentum from sitting down + lying back and transition right into flicking them both up at the same time with generous knee assistance again both sides at the same time

I can do 5x10 120s easily, if someone lift those for me, i ALWAYS start at bottom in all db presses. Actually those are 60 kg dbs=+120 pounds.

Incline, 30 degrees and shoulder presses 75degrees.

Either get someone to help you or else do something like a power clean and hold them there then sit down.

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I train alone almost everytime. That curling of 60 kg dbs is impossible :grin: https://www.google.com/search?q=incline+dumbell+presses+how+to+get+weights+up&oq=incline+dumbell+presses+how+to+get+weights+up&aqs=chrome..69i57j0.14853j1j7&client=ms-android-huawei&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#kpvalbx=_Os7mXtueJY7qkwXr_5oI49 that is not work for me, weights Not raise up enough for me.

Now i found correct term for that problem I CANT GET UNDER those weights, they always stuck at front of my front shoulder, how to correct??i have tried that for months.

How many reps can you do with 90lbs? Maybe you are trying to use a weight you can barely handle.

There are also hooks like this out there:


Have you thought of just doing them after you’ve exhausted yourself with some other movement?

Else a random idea that comes to mind is to put hang them by 2 thin chains each.If the top of the chains is wider than the dumbbell handle width, it should come off as soon as you lift them, like a monolift (if that makes sense)

90s?? Incline press? About 30-40 reps

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Chains and power rack might help??

Doesnt matter, those weight just dont get high enough, and it kills my shoulders to twist those into right position, that knee kick is useless.

Dam r u Eddie Hall or something. Can we get a vid for motivation. I miss having access to DBs

Damn I wish I had this problem

How, its easy to u or just those weights?

Eddie is god of dumbbellsD

When doing incline DB’s, I set the incline on the bench relatively low. I don’t see the point of having a steep incline as I will just involve more anterior delts.

If you want to do high incline presses, use the smith machine and/or a machine if you have access to one. That will save your shoulders and you won’t have trouble setting the DB’s.