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Heavy Hip Thrusting


I suggest doing hip thrusts in different rep ranges to work all the muscle fibers. I believe the glutes are something like 55% fast twitch and 45% slow twitch.

I use a tempur=pedic like pillow in addition to the bar pad, otherwise it hurts too much.


Honestly you should try to be more like her


Amazing physique! You have the hour-glass aesthetic nailed. Great pictures...


I tried posting a new forum in the 'before/after,' but I think the mod didn't accept it for whatever reason (thanks mod). So here's some updates. Too lazy to write everything back out again. I've made some killer quad and glute progress though.

And yes, I've dyed my hair.




Back & glute




I think you look very lovely :slight_smile:


Are you f*****g serious?
She should try to be more like herself. Which is what I presume she has been doing and will continue to be doing.



.... 2 entire fucking years later.


yea. my timing sucks. lol. But I had to get it out.