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Heavy Hip Thrusting


This. I am seriously, seriously impressed.


So, coming from someone that is just getting back into lifting while deployed... Thanks for posting those pics! DAYUM. Hope that's not too creepy...


What is your goal?

You look great, but are you trying to be a fitness competitor?

Different criteria between "looks great" and "great fitness."


No, just trying to attain my own aesthetic goals.


Hi Miss

Bit of a personal question so i hope you don't mind - out of curiosity do you use any "supplements"?
BTW i'm not "anti-supplement" in any way, you have some impressive development and i'm just interested in how you achieved it.

As for Aesthetics, IMHO you have got it spot on. I think a lot of the competitors are much too thick in the middle and narrow at the hip... I don't mean any disrespect to them because they work really hard and if they want to win in their sport they have meet the criteria of the judges but i do think they loose the golden ratio in their proportions.


Excellent progress. Keep up the hard work.


Hello dear Miss Harber.
I have tried Barbell Hip Thrusts as well but couldn't manage to perform them appropriately so I left them for later, but maybe now's the time :slightly_smiling:
I couldn't do them heavy enough because the bar hurt my hips so I guess 120 lb was my heaviest which isn't much. In fact it didn't engage my glutes much!
My basic intention of doing Hip Thrusts is to strengthen my posterior chain so I can squat better. I hope I can make them work for me next time I switch to them.
P.S. You have mythical proportions and amazing glutes :wink:


I agree with you. I like the fuller hip look too and think many women that compete are just too thin all around or have minimal glute development.

No, I don't take any supplements, pre-workout, or no protein powder. I make it a point to avoid soy (soy protein isolate [most protein powders], soybean oil, soy lethicin, etc.) and fluoride as well. I avoid soy because it has been shown that soy is high in estrogen, and fluoride because it suppresses thyroid function (among many other things) which can negatively impact your metabolism.

People will disagree with me, but look at my results (look at the pics on my page as well).

I also avoid processed food and try to eat organic when I can. If a man made it, don't eat it!


Find it funny that you don't take or eat anything man made but you have fake boobs. Makes sense.


I have to use the bar pad as well as a rolled up gym mat underneath. If I don't, I'll get some nasty ass bruises on my hips. Try doing that. Also, check out Bret Contreras and his articles. He explains the hip thrust a little more in depth and correct form.


FWIW, I looked with the eye of someone who is athletic and likes athletic girls, so if that is not your thing, ignore this:

  1. You have a great hip/waist ratio. Be careful of overworking your abs to keep this. There was an article on the day I post this about how to keep this. Read and understand.

  2. You have a great body fat level. Love the veins around the obliques. Oddly sexy. (What an odd thing to notice -- I must work out too much.) Any way, it's clear your diet or genetics are good, so keep doing what you do.

  3. You shoulders are awfully narrow for your boobs and back. I'd work some pretty heavy weights on your upper back and shoulders to bring out your waist even more. This would probably also help your arms, which are nice, but a little skinny-fat.

  4. The back chain in your legs and glutes could use some toning. I would think think sprint work and medium-weight kettle ball swings, but I am a guy. You need to be careful here to avoid thickening your waist.


Skinny-fat, ayyy? Haha. I'm pretty happy with how things are going. Thanks for the meticulous critique, though. :slight_smile:


Just being brutally honest. Guys blowing smoke doesn't help bring you up to the next level.

Don't take my critique badly; you're a disciplined girl who has worked hard and obviously capable of being the .1% of 1%.

Most women will never have either the ability or the motivation.


No, I sincerely did appreciate the critique. (Didn't mean to sound sarcastic, my bad.) It's just that I've met MY aesthetic goals. There will always be others who would find me more aesthetic if I had bigger this, or a smaller that. So, that's kind of how I'm viewing critiques at this point.



When I stop drooling, I will leave some more constructive comments.

But seriously, great work!


That hip to waist ratio is insane. Def a genetic gift.


Damn, girl. Well done! I would agree about bigger shoulders, but I have always had a thing for shoulders/arms on girls. Really... you are phenomenal!


Thanks. Does this help? Lol


Shwiiiing! Yes, very nice. Do one with a double rear bicep. I think your back is strong, but the delt heads really show off on the double-rear pose. I am being totally picky, but I bet you are pretty picky about your physique as well.


Haven't I seen you before? Oh yea, now I remember it was on the cover of several comic books...lol. Seriously, if you are happy with your body, that is all that really counts. I am a big believer in symmetry, so my only comment is NOT to try to go overboard on your upper torso development. To do so will make you appear even shorter up top and IMHO not as attractive.