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Heavy Grips For Grip Strength

I want to improve my grip strength esp. for deadlifts, I don’t want to use the wraps anymore.

I bought a set of heavy grips for $75, from 100lb pressure to 350lb pressure. I can just about get the 200 handles to meet.

Anyone use these? got any tips? I’m thinking of doing 3x6 3x per week with the 150’s.

My deadlift max is 420lb with straps, I havent maxed out without them but I’m doing 5x5 deadlifts once per week, without the straps now. Today I made all five sets for 5 reps with 345lb. Last week was 5,5,2,5,2. I’m left handed and its my left hand that gives first, end up doing the last rep of each set with the bar on the tips of my fingers(I use an over and under grip alt. each set)

My questions mainly are:
Are these heavy grips the right direction to take for grip strength.
Is my grip weak for how much I deadlift in the first place(I want to make it stronger regardless)

Thank you for any input


Yes. Your grip is weak, but not unusually so. Deadlift grip is supporting grip and depends a lot on friction of the bar on the palm. Increasing your crushing grip strength will increase your supporting grip strength substantially.

Your back strength will become the limiting factor in DLs rather than grip if you continue to progress with the grippers. Then you can dump the straps.

i was thinking of posting a similar question polymorph i use a mixed grip, last week did 3x4 @ 355lb was wondering if people can usually do this without the mixed grip

… anyone else have anything to chime in with

Also, use both hands to close a high gripper and then hold it shut for time in one hand.

I’veheard it works well. I’ve a few CoC’s on the way and plan to try it out with them.

Heavy farmers walks with dumbbells too. High rep dumbbell rows, and high rep partial chins work really well. Without straps obvoiously!

Make the bars thicker by wrapping something around them and taping them up and use chalk instead of straps on metal bars.

Farmers walks as others have mentioned.

Hanging from chin up bars with weight strapped to you for time.

Train your grip like you would any other muscle when trying to gain strength, ie not to failure.

Here is the definitive for grip exercises