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Heavy Gripps Hand Grippers

Was wondering what grippers to order online. There is the 100 pound resistance, 150…all the way to 300. I am 6’1, 195lb, can do approx 15 pullups, bench approx 275, deadlift approx 400. Which grippers should I get? Will 100 be too easy? Will 200 be a challenge? For those who have these things, please post some stats of yourselves and which grippers you work with.
Thank you.

I think that your bench has little to do with how strong your grip is. For what it is worth my dead is about 430.

I havent tried the heavy grips, but the COC grippers I have are the no. 1 and no.2. 2 is about 200 lbs (195 if u are picky), and the numner 1 is 140.
If i were you I would buy the trainer, 1 and 2 from irondmind and the gripper helper, this will help you bridge the big gaps in poundage required to close 3. Also a 250 from heavy grips might be a good addition, depending how motivated you are.
Good luck

Hey shrink,

I’d recommend starting with the 100, 150 and 200 although I think you would get the most use out of the 150 and 200. If you’re deadlifting around 400 without straps, even if you’re using a mixed grip, your hand strength is good enough to where you can probably close the 200 with some specific training.

The thing to keep in mind is that the way the poundage ratings are determined are different from company to company. So if you’re looking at a 195lb Gripper (the Ironmind #2) and a 200lb gripper (Heavy Grips 200), the obvious reasoning is that the HG200 is stronger. But those poundage ratings are calculated differently for just about every brand. A more reliable way to measure gripper strength is the spring size and mounting depth, but then you have to grab some calipers and mic all the springs which is boring and time consuming, so the second best choice would be to ask around.

If I can be of any further help, let me know.