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Heavy Grippers 350-500?


Hi everyone,
i've brought the Heavy Grippers, from 100 to 200, 100 is ok to close, 150 is a bit challenge already...i was thinking about buying 250 and 300 soon..

but now i found out that they have produced 350, 400, and 500Monster...

anyone have progress from the level i'm now to 500? and how long it takes?

just want to know how much progress is possible before i buy anothing harder than 200....


No one has ever closed the 500. You are gonna have a very tough time finding the 400 and 500 because they were limited edition and are sold out now. I know they made a 350 but I don't know where to get it...


NO one has ever closed the 500?? then how come they produced it??

actually i know where to find the 350, 400 and 500...not that difficult to find...but because i may need to buy 350 in the future...i'm not telling anyone where i can buy, sorry about that...i don't want it to sold out...


Why wouldn't they produce it? Excercise keeps evolving, and people get stronger and stronger. Why not throw it out there as the "king of grippers?"


I want to know, for an average person, how long will it take to progress from HG 100 to HG 350?


I'd say most people CAN'T close the 350 in their lifetime. Look at the people caertified for closing a CoC #4 which is 365 lbs. There are only FIVE CERTIFIED! Sorry to burst your bubble. Even if you have great genetics, it will probably still take several years of constant grip work at least.


just asking, if someone can deadlift 700lbs without straps, then i guess that person can have 350lbs gripping power each hand, so he should be able to close the HG350, is that possible?


It's not the same. The numbers don't translate directly like that. I can pull in the mid 500's, but I still struggle to close the number 2 CoC, which is about 195.

There is some carryover on the exercises, but they really are different grip strength qualities.


If a person can barely close the 150 than it's probably going to take 5 or more years of steady grip training to close the 350 (if ever).
I started with the Heavy Gripper 150 and 200 and grew out of them quickly. I decided to go up in resistance but accidentally ordered the #3 Captains of Crush (different brand 285lbs.)which are just a little bit much for me. My point is that I have a pretty strong grip and the 285lbs. Captains of Crush feel damn near impossible to close completely. I can't imagine being able to close 350lb heavy grippers anytime soon. I would suggest waiting to buy more heavy grippers until you can successfully close the 200 3-4 times. After that you could go to the 250 and work on it until you can close it once, and then close it 3-4 times, and then go up in resistance again and so on until you are happy with your grip strength. Good luck!


Grippers train crushing grip and they can also be used to train supporting grip. Crushing grip is the ability to close your hand and supporting grip is the ability to keep your hand closed, so CG is analagous to hand strength when SG is analagous to hand endurance. Powerlifters obviously develop both types of grip, but supporting grip to a much greater extent.

I don't think that being able to DL 700 lbs strapless is equivalent to closing a 350lb gripper, especially since poundage ratings on grippers are more of an estimate than anything.

The high level grippers that nobody can close exist so that people with high level grip strength can use them to do negatives or static holds (ie: starting them off with two hands and finishing with one) to train supporting grip.

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I purchased the 5 piece set of HG. 100,150,200,250 & 300. I started able to close the 150 and close to 200. I have been using my grippers for 4 months and I am really close to closing the 250 now. Also as far as your deadlift analogy I have only deadlifted 455 yet I can just about close the 250. Keep at it it just takes time.


today i done 3sets of 1s, using HG150.
right hand need a bit more effort to close...my left hand feel easier...may have 2 reps...


A very informed friend told me that the HG grippers are now incredibly poor quality and one HG200 will be different to the next. CoCs are much more reliable and quality controlled.


I bought the whole set about 3 months ago. Started out being real close to getting the 200 (but not quite), now I just closed the 250. The 300 is going to take some serious work.


How do the COC ( Captains of Crush ) compare to the Heavy Grips?

I have heavy grips 100-300's. Can get the 300 to about 1" from being closed in the right, the left is a bit weaker. Can close the 250, do 200x10.

Now some have given the idea of negatives and just holding the gripper.


How do the COC ( Captains of Crush ) compare to the Heavy Grips?

I have heavy grips 100-300's. Can get the 300 to about 1" from being closed in the right, the left is a bit weaker. Can close the 250, do 200x10.

Now some have given the idea of negatives and just holding the gripper.


Where is the best place to buy monster grippers ?


the thing with your grip in weight lifting is its not crush grip its just you holding onto something, not trying to crush it with your hand, theres many many different types of hand grip, the dead lifting and farmers walks and all that work crush strength to an extent but mostly grip endurence like someone said earlier.

if you want a total grip your going to need to work all areas of your grip including the opening of your hand motions, as you body naturally will not let you grow too strong in one muscle so you do not injure yourself


I borrowed the HG350 from a friend not too long ago... I was able to close it rather easily.

It reminds me of the HG400 but with normal sized handles. I also closed the HG400 and won a contest ON THIS VERY SITE if you people can't remember!

As for the HG500 - I have one of those as well. Forget it... this thing is built for King Kong -- it's a huge spring mounted on large handles!

Get the HG300, the HG350 and the HG400 if they still have them. I'm waiting to see if they have a cert for the HG350 like they did for the HG300.