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Heavy Duty Like Training Program, Thoughts


Hi CT, and others on this great forum, I am experimenting with a new workout I've made, well heavily influenced by Heavy duty, but (IMO) a superb selection of exercises..well have to admit it, but I want greatest results possible in as little time as possible xD

Here is the exercises:
-PowerClean & PushPress
-Snatch Grip HighPulls
-Weighted PullUps
-Weighted Dips

All exercises are done with 1-3 brief warmup sets and ONE main set, and done with a weight so that I can do 3-5 reps, then doing rest-pauses, and when I hit failure, I do negatives for another 2-4 reps. With PC&PP and HP I know negatives are both not so easy and not recomended, but what I do is that my pushpress turns into a pushjerk with focus on the negative, and the highpulls turns into pandapulls/Chinese pulls. On squats, well..eeeh, I just try to push it every time..
Also on PC&PP and HP I tend to do more like cluster reps from the beginning, feels safer to keep form right..

I also some times try to put in some heavy singles on deadlifts and/or some higher reps machine work, but the above program is the main one.

Hopefull will get some thoughts on this one :slightly_smiling:


forgot to write that I am doing this 2-3 times pr week, aiming for M-W-F...


I'm not a big fan of the "one set per exercise" approach, so obviously this doesn't appeal to me or follow principles that I teach.

The exercise selection is not bad. But I don't think that the explosive movements (clean & press and high pulls) are exercises that are well suited to training to failure. And when doing sets of 3-5 reps, I would rather split the power clean and push press into 2 different movement.... doing the full clean and press for 5 reps is almost metabolic work. I would also put squats first or second in the workout.


So If were to follow f.example your 5,4,3,2,1 reps scheme, and to put squats lets say second in the session, that this problem would be balanced and enough to stimulate overall growth.

Personally I hate high reps on the clean & press, which is why I really like the
cluster approach,it gives me some breathing space.
I actually like clusters on very much, I can handle much more weight, which I find very beneficial :slightly_smiling:

I have also followed this HIT system for nearly 3 weeks now, and have to say that the strength I get from it is great, too early to say about any mass, but I feel harder in muscles.

And a bonus question, is highpulls targeting the delts in any beneficial way to make them "wider" ?

Thanks for ur reply, and thanks for this great site, in here sneaking almost every day :smiley: