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Heavy Deadlift Recovery?

hey CT, i am in a preparation for a powerlifting contest ! i am training squat,bench and deadlift to hit a good PR. I am training 1 day in 1 day off ! i saw your last deadlift article that say too dont go heavy on the deadlift because it may affect your next week of workout.

what is your suggestions for someone who wants to increase his DL PR and to not crash his recuperation ? right now im doing heavy deadlift sets 3x3 to 5 reps ! i try to increase weight every week , i am doing 2 sets of rack pull after that and some isolation work for my back ! is it too much ?

First if you are one day on one day off it should not be as much of a problem. If your CNS is a bit drained the day after a deadlift workout you should not be too impacted the next day.

BTW when I say going “heavy” I refer mostly to people maxing out on the deadlift 3-5 reps doesn’t fall in that zone. It will normally use 85-90% which is perfectly fine for a short period of time.

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thank you CT !

how will you setup a 3 days week: squat,bench,Deadlift for someone who compete in april and want to improve his PR ?

Dude, this is a Q&A forum. Not a program design one, I can’t design programs for everybody who asks. Wouldn’t be fair to my clients.Design a plan and I can critique it

good sorry !

Im doing a 3 days split because i have a job that i can work day/night, i am on the call for 5 years. Its easier for me to recover and to be 100% ready for the next workout, if i train too often, my body crash really easily. I always want to do more work and the volume kill me.

right now im doing this :

day 1 : Squat, good warm up with sleeve on then 3x sets with knee wrap, heavy set 3 to 5 reps. 5-6 mins break between each heavy sets. Sometimes some half squat after that.

  • i am doing leg extention and leg curl in supersets 3x12-15 reps
    and 3x12-15 reps of interne/externe legs i dont know the name of the machin.
    i finish with some abs and lower back work.

Day 2 : Bench, same protocol as squat.

  • Shoulder press : military, smith seated military, or something like that for 2 to 3 sets 5-10 reps, sometimes im doing a dropsets at the end of the last sets.
  • Dips 2 to 3 sets same protocol as shoulder press
  • Tricep press 2 to 3 sets same protocol.
    im doing abs and lower back at the end of the workout.

Day 3 : Deadlift, same thing as squat and bench.

  • 2 to 3 heavy sets of rack pull
  • seated row machine 2-3 pump sets
    i am doing abs and lower back work at the end of the workout.

Right now i am progressing well, but in the long run i don’t know if everything is good ! should i change sometimes every 4 weeks ?

thank you again for your fast reply coach ! great work

the other day im not sit in the couch, i like to walk outside, to go skate , walk in the wood , im doing that kind of activities.

Even if you are training just 3 days a week, I highly recommend using a 4 workout rotation:

  1. Main squat
  2. Main bench
  3. Lower body with deadlift practice
  4. Closegrip/lockout tricep focus

Just pick up where you left off the next week, so over 4 weeks you would do each of the 4 workouts 3 times. Aside from that advice, there are a bunch of ways to organize and program.

cool ! i forgot to right it but im doing bench press one week, and close grip bench the next week with more tricep work that day !

thanks for your help really appreciate !

I agree with this, good suggestion

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thank you !

If you’ve already spent a lot of time recently doing close grip, and you wanna focus on building strength off the chest could you do an incline day instead?

My four day split I was planning was

Main Squat
Bench layer
Front squat/ deadlift
Incline layer with competition bench speed work