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Heavy circuit training?

How effective would performing a circuit-type workout with heavier weights? I came across a site promoting such a workout, claiming that it would increase both strength and muscular endurance at the same time? I like performing full-body workouts and was thinking about trying this.

Any merit to this or or? Any response is of course always appreciated.


I’ve just asked Charles Staley a similar question on the Guest Forum.

Strength and endurance indeed, if you can do it. More of the latter.

There are two problems with this approach:

  1. It’s hard as hell, and intensity is completely a function of rest between sets. But pause for significant length and you risk throwing off the cardiovascular benefits.

  2. It’s a compromise. You can become in magnificent shape with such a routine, but neither as big or as strong as you would from a more traditional workout.

Or so I’ve experienced.


It is a great idea. reps @ 3-5 with a 3 lift circuit. Chin, military, squat, day 2, dead, bench, row. Something along those lines. Give it a shot. I’d use about at least 80% 1rm and aim for 5 reps.