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Heavy Breathing/Snoring After Intense Workouts...Why???

Hey T-Men,
After a serious hardcore session, I find my breathing to be particularly “deep” for about 48 hours. Also, when I’m asleep, my honey gets pissed because she says I’m snoring! Does anyone know why the hell does that happen? Is the training causing some sort of oxygen deficit or incremental requirement that my respiratory system is trying to fulfill???
p.s. After 15 years of lifting using different regimens (too many of those years using either the “Weider” Principles, or frying my nerves using HIT), I switched to 5 x 5 almost 2 months ago. I only lift 2 or 3 times per week, but I’ve gained 8 pounds solid in a month and my poundages continue to increase. Peace!

Hey T-Men, am I the only guy with this phenomenon??? Pleas advise. (I’m posting to bump my message to the first page of the forum so someone can more easily read and reply. thanks!)

I find it just the opposite. My wife and girlfriend tell me that my snoring stopped since I started lifting due to the fact that I am breathing a lot deeper.