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Heavy Bench & Squat Without Spotter


Ok well my friend (over weight) that i have been helping train quit because he said he doesnt want to train and he doesnt have time...but he got time to play his 360 now do he...

anyway when i was helping hin he also helped me by spotting when i squated and benched. Now that he isnt here and i am in the phase were i squat heavy and bench heavy, im afraid that i might injure my self, or get stuck under the bar.

Are there any tips you guys can give me,or new methods of training?


For squats just set the pins a couple of inches below your lowest point so that if you can't make it up you can just drop it on the pins.

Bench is more of a problem and the only thing you can really do is not to use collars so that if needed you can tilt it to one side and let the weight slide off.


I never have a spotter and I work up to a 1RM on bench almost every week (until I change the pressing exersise).

I never use a 'regular' benching bench. I always use the power rack. I can set the pins so I can still bring the bar to my chest, but if I miss, I can 'deflate' my chest and the pins will catch the bar. Then I can easily slide out from under the bar.


yea i dont have a squat rack...all i got is a semi thing... a multi power bench, that i can also use as a squat station.


I second tmay11's post.

For the bench you can use the power rack if your gym's is used infrequenty. The pins may, of course, not be spaced properly for this though depending upon the rack.


If you workout at home, then I'd say get or build some sturdy saw horses if you can't afford a power cage/squat rack. Two sets of different heights; one set per lift. Just make sure they're up to the task and are STURDY!

I also think leaving the collars off in bench is a good idea. Although the best thing would probably be to look for a new training partner in the mean time.


one thing, what do you think the chances of me getting hurt when doing bench and squat in the 80-90% of my 1rm is without a training partner.


[quote]mrl179 wrote:
one thing, what do you think the chances of me getting hurt when doing bench and squat in the 80-90% of my 1rm is without a training partner./quote]

Depends how stupid you are :slight_smile:

There's no way to predict it mate, just be careful.


You haven't benched untill you get stuck under the bar at least once.


i got stuck under the decline once on a friday when nobody was there, i had to wait like 10 minutes trying to get the bar off of me till someone entered the weight room lol


Haha, getting stuck on incline sucks as well. The bar rolls down into the crack of your hips and you are basically pinned down. If your using decent weight, it is quite hard to get the bar up and off of you.



hahaha omg...were u dead sore the next day?


Pretty good if you aren't familiar with your limits, non-existant if you are very familiar with your limits.


I agree with this, but I'd also add that if you use a power rack with the pins set just below where you can touch your chest with the bar (even if your back is only slightly arched), you should have no chance of getting pinned down by the weight.

The worst that could happen would be if you lost control of the bar when your arms are fully extended and the bar slams down on your chest while your chest is still slightly above the pin setting.

Even if that happened, it wouldn't be nearly as bad as if the same thing happened without the pins.

The only time I bench without pins would be at a meet, and I'd have 3 spotters at a meet.


when i first started I was doing incline with barely any weight, maybe 95 or 115 pounds. Anyways, I got stuck, let the weight down around my hips and thighs, which hurt, and had to ask the really hot gym assistant for help. It wasnt my finest day, and I dont think I impressed the gym girl. I think she told me to be careful or something...


Are you kidding?!?! The ladies love sissies, you shoulda asked for her PH, dude.


Benching in the rack is great for safety, still not a replacement for a spotter. It's near impossible to maintain a tight upper back when you have to unrack a 1RM by yourself.
My best advice would be to find a spotter.


You can't get stuck under dumbbells. You might drop one on your face.... but it will find it's way to the floor.


well i practicly gave up benching. Not that i didnt like it its just that i have a history of shoulder problems and my shoulders were starting to hurt alot...felt like a bone was about to pop. I have decided to stop benching for a while till my shoulder gets better but i feel that since i am dipping, and shoulder pressing i should see my bench increase atleast a little no matter what.

Anyway i got stuck under the bar today when squat. My nightmare came and i was scared shitless, i was donw there for a full minute. I managed to role the bar done on a bench but almost cracked my neck...scarys moment right there and i was on the 3rd set with only one rep left to go 4x8. Anyway i usually get a really bad feeling if i dont finish a rep like "oh you pussy why didnt you finish it inside", So i took off 5lbs and finshed my 4th set and then did 1 rep after that...Then i loaded the bar with another 15lbs and did 2 reps, i felt it made up for being stuck under the bar.


What kind of squat?

If you squat oly style, ass-to-grass, you just need to learn how to miss a squat. As long as you make a point of never leaning forward, it's easy: Push the bar behind you and put your knees to the floor.