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Heavy Bags

Hi, I was hoping that some of you could give some links to professional heavy boxing bags. I would like to buy a good quality one. I came across Aries heavy bags, are those bags good? Thanks for the tips.

Ever hear of Google?


Is this for straight boxing? kickboxing? Gearing up for competiton? Just looking for a good workout?
Where are you looking to hanging it? indoors? outdoors? in the garage? at home? somewhere else?
What’re you planning to hang it on? I-Beam? free standing? a tree? a stand?

These questions will really help me narrow down which bag would be best for you.

get a quality item, and maybe one ith a hook “bit” on it.

More variation for you money.

cool for wrestling.lifting/throwing.

Go to www.ambersports.com . I get all my stuff there. The prices are great and the quality is surpassed by none. Your goals should determine what kind of bag to get. I got the 6’ Leather Muay Thai bag but I do MMA so that fits me better. PM me if you need anymore help.