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Heavy bag


I am not sure if this belongs in this section or not. but here it is:

recently ripped my heavy-bag beyond repair. It was a canvas 100pound century-bag. (probably going to salvage it for a heavy awkward object for front squats, over-head lifting etc. one of the reasons it probably ripped. I tossed it around a little). It was a good heavy-bag by all means, lasted over a year, blasted it a lot.

Anyway, my question is, since I have to pick up another heavy-bag, which brand/model should it be? any favorites out there? I've put endless sessions on the century bag so I am tempted to just buy a new one of those, but I own mostly ever-last equipment and in general it seems higher quality.

Anyone have a particular heavy-bag that they would suggest? I have an ever-last stand, speed-bag, gloves, etc so I was thinking of matching up, but the familiarity of the century bag weighs in.


the only bag you need

is this sack of Deez nutz


My usual recommendation for training gear is Title Boxing.


They offer excellent value. My experience is that most Everlast gear is severely over priced and is marketed to casual trainers/non-users that recognize the name.

The issue I can see for you is shipping. I suggest you also start checking Amazon.com for free shipping/holiday specials. You may be able to catch a deal if you are patient and lucky.

Please make this an "until I go to a gym/get qualified training" measure or an "in addition to my work with my teacher" measure instead of a "instead of seeking an actual boxing gym" measure.

Hang your new bag higher.

If possible hang it from a ceiling/overhead support.


Robert A

ETA: Check your PM's. I gave a response to the PM you sent me.


I recommend Twins or Fairtex heavy bags, but I don't know how easy they are to get where you live.


The problem with a boxing gym is that I live in the middle of no-where and the closest boxing gym is 3-4 hour drive away, in a city that I don't live in. I have my own "boxing" gym due to this. Heavy-bag, speed-bag, med-ball, agility bag, etc. Even if I had a boxing gym to go to, I would still train in my home gym a lot due to the epic amount of free-time that I have.

I have a "personal" trainer who helps me work physical conditioning, someone who comes along on a bike to call me a joke when I can't keep up, someone to mock me when I start to fail on my conditioning work, someone that tells me where i need work (cardio, strength, anaerobic, etc)I work the mantis mitts with this person a lot, setting up combos, dodging the mantis mitt when it comes for my strikes out for my head. This is a killer workout on the quads, esp with a 20pound vest.

So I have a "trainer" I just haven't asked for them to work on me with my heavy-bag work, my skill work, this was a lot of stuff I was largely doing "alone". It wasn't a focus.

I do plan to step into a ring or a cage with another opponent. I do not feel that I am physically conditioned enough to take round after round of striking to the guts, to the head from a truly professional fighter. A lot of you go on about skill, but when I throw a 12 pound med ball as hard as I can into the sky, and happen to catch it to the face that is only a small simulation of how hard a human can punch, and I can tell you that if my back/neck weren't very conditioned when that med ball hit me in the face, it might have broke my neck or knocked me out.

Or when I get my "trainer" to smash me in the guts/body with a med-ball. Shit, it doesn't feel nice when a fairly small human is smashing you with it and you're just taking it. I spar, I know what it feels to be hit with at force.

So again, my skill might suck but I also don't feel my conditioning is good enough. When I step into the ring I don't want to be just skilled, I don't want to be in the best shape of my life, I want to be in the best shape that I as a human can be in for fighting.

after all this advice I have been including a lot more skill work, going to find a trainer to help tell me when my punches are too low (I find I miss the power-line sometimes by striking too low) to tell me when i'm pushing them, just someone to watch my heavy-bag and etc work.


I hear that "broken neck by medicine ball" is a pretty common occurrence hear in the states. Maybe you Canadians handle it better, it's probably from all the wood you chop.


I use the medicine ball outside to throw it into the sky as high as I can. Using all the body in one explosive movements to try and get it as high as I can, and catching it when it comes down. If you get some good height, it can drill back down pretty hard. If you miss and "catch" it to the face, it hits pretty hard, aha.


Is your "trainer" a real person, or is this a Tyler Durden type of thing?


First, I do not think you are in grave danger of being called "just" skilled.

Second, there is a point about letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Third, how long have you been training for fighting in this fashion?

Fourth, how old are you and is there a reason you have all this free time?

Finally, I am just going to put it out there that if you have huge amounts of free time than you can ure that time to travel to and from a qualified instructor 2-3 times a week and be way ahead of where you are at now, or where you are going to be next year.

There are three possibilities about your posts.

You are making shit up and trolling. If that is the case than paint a gun monkey on the side of your computer for a confirmed kill. You got me.

You are over-estimating your prowess. This leads to you grossly over-stating your prowess. The answer here is to get to a real coach/teacher and learn. Your ego will take a hit initially, but if your passion pulls you through you will improve quite a bit.

The final possibility is that damn near everything you have written is true, it just cannot be seen because throwing punches while exhausted on a poorly set up heavy bag is a poor demo and 15 sec of throwing punches in the air is not a good assessment. If that is the case than get your phenom self to a real gym. If you are a self trained lumberjack power puncher who can shatter bones and bend steel with his fists for 12 rounds than get some training and get in the ring. Win a gold for Canada and then go pro. Seriously. The answer is still to get to a gym so that you can work the defense, range, and strategy parts of the equation.

You see where I am going.







Robert A


I'm 25, actually. too old to be so unskilled in the art of boxing. I don't mean to be a troll in the sense that I want to be a serious figher, I have taken advice from a lot of people here seriously, and as to the other a lot of what I say is true, about how far/fast I can run, my lifts (which are kind of laughable besides the deadlit) the maul and sledge work, the conditioning, and occasionally when I do transfer my body's size and seed well, in a well linked punch, hit the bag so hard and heavy it makes a thunderous clap even when I hit it near the bottom. Some left hooks, brutal.

I do plan to get into a gym and train, so I can consistently link my best shots. One example is that I miss the "power line" that Dempsey so stresses, sometimes, arm is too low in relation to my back and shoulders. Thus losing a lot of the coordination of a punch, losing the snap my powerful back muscles can help produce.

some of what I say is true, some of it is over-estimation. I pounded at the heavy-bag until I had developed fairly okay abs and back musculature, the reason being I am hitting with force. I have a muscled up back, because when I hit properly it feels like god touching your back. for every action there is an opposite reaction, if that reaction is enough to put on pounds of muscle, chances are I am hitting hard.

I know of no way to "direct" this energy away from my body, in the same way I don't know how to hit something with a sledge hammer and avoid the sledge hammer taking a massive absorption of shock. I had a fairly muscled up physique from boxing a lone. back muscles that look like a boxer's back muscles. from punching stuff. So I am linking some good shots, some-how.

To be honest I have also snapped a knuckle in half, the second knuckle. through a large glove and boxing wraps through hitting with a fully connected left hook on the bag. I realize the primary reason it broke was that I landed on that knuckle, and not the knuckle next to the pinky, I realize you want to distribute force over those three knuckles and not onto 1 knuckle, never the less, were I to connect with extreme speed, fast/hard enough to snap a knuckle clean in half. Aha, I will be cracking someone's face bone, esp without a glove. (also my knuckle healed fine. it doesn't hurt to smash stuff with. it healed larger and denser a little flatter. (some-what lucky on that account) I couldn't upper-cut without pain for awhile. I did anyway though. healed well. again, this was a well structured left hook. close to the body, elbow would have hit if the fist would have missed type deal, good line-up, my wrist didn't give or buckle, etc. just a heavy-handed shot that I didn't distribute over 3 knuckles.

WwWhen I get a new heavy-bag I will put up some good videos of the punching bag swaying around, and when I hit it, a some-what thunderous clap being produced each time. I'm not great with my jabs, but I do hit pretty hard with some uppercuts and hooks. straight right as well sometimes.


Has anyone tried the water filled bags? I've only heard the blurbs on how it's cheaper to ship, it's much smaller yet weighs the same as most other bags, and more realistic in simulating a real target lol

I was lucky to pick up a pretty new 100lb Everlast bag for $40 which I spotted driving by a garage sale. It does the job, hasn't lost it's shape yet, but I think if I had to spend the $$$ on a new bag, I'd get a Muay Thai bag and incorporate the kicks for a more well rounded workout. The few times I've used one, I was blown away at how my core and hip flexors felt afterwards.



these are the best bags I have used. Solid construction and durability I have had mine now for 2 years and its still in great shape. I tore through an everlast bag in a few months and got one of these and even with me and buddies wailing on it it still is holding up.


Wow. 200-500pound bags. It'd be awesome to train on a 200-300 pound bag, I heard marciano did though I don't know if that's actually true. if you could make that thing jerk around/sway, man, the power you would build. Insane.

Not that you need more than a 100pounder, but still, it'd be awesome. thanks, going to look into that website.


I do believe that Ironclaws is actually hinting that he's Thor.


Sure am.

Sledge hammer warm-up.

a few things to consider:

1 I warmup before I do faster drills on the sledge.

2 You guys know I can strike with force with a tool like a sledge hammer, splitting wood and all. So if they don't look like i'm blasting the tire, I can, but it's a warmup.

3 It's windy outside and hard to breath doing the sledge work. I usually take shelter near some trees in the back when it's so windy.

4.have another faster paced sledge workout video uploading. (you want to be moving a lot faster than I am in this video for an effective routine as a fighter. warm-up, again. I like to warmup slowly as to not risk tendon injuries on the sledge)

I try to keep the tire in a certain area because there's some wood I smashed into the ground there, for a little "impact" when you come down. blasting a tire doesn't do much to build tendon strength. Unless you're swinging with 1 arm.


Indeed I do think he is thor
look how he rocked that hammer on that tire

complete with walmart wardrobe

and again the insight on the tendon training with sledge is spot on.

Tell us about the god touching your back- is it like when your uncle touched it?
it must be a similar sensation

Ignore these cretins and please keep the videos
and I do like your prose good flow for a recluse unshorn white kid

I do like how you humanize yourself by saying you shelter in the trees
when its hard to breath in the cold


That's the most beautiful art of trolling i've seen in quite some time.

You, my friend, takes easily RogueVampire spot on T-Nation as the ubertroll.


Something like this happened to me.

It started out just like you wrote.

Then "God" started talking about how to shut down the QB option and things got....I try not to think about it.


Robert A


And see, robert said that Thor was MY muse, but it's been a while since KMC was moved to post this kind of thing also.

Does this Thunder God of trolls really bring out the best in this combat forum?

I think the answer is yes...


Let's get something straight. I am called a troll and yet people here are picking out flaws in my clothing choices? For working a sledge hammer, on a tire, in the mud? or doing wood work? That shit is nothing but pathetic.

Yeah, I own nice clothes, I own a new under-armor "hoodie" that is pretty cool. good cold-gear, repels water in the worst storms. I'm not going to take that out to work the SLEDGE HAMMER though. I own a lot of under-armor, that's what I wear. Well, I don't know about "nice" clothes. under-armor is just good for the job, good for running outside, etc.

Sorry I wasn't wearing an armani suit for my sledge-hammer work. Maybe I should have shaved and gotten a hair cut too? We're talking sledge work here, not a social dinner party.