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Heavy Bag Workout


Forgive me because I'm no trained MMA fighter :wink:.

However, I do own a 100 lb heavy bag which has been collecting alittle too much dust.

I pulled it out this weekend, just to beat it up a bit and to hopefully give me some good cardio along with strengthing and quickening my hands.

I've been wanting to take a martial arts class and although I am able to handle on the streets relying heavily on brute force, I would love to add technique to my muscle.

So, in this economic crisis where I can not afford to take an MMA class and pay for my gym membership at the same time, I was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction as far as workouts I can do with the heavy bag.

I also plan on training with a friend to work on grappling, but right now my focus is the punching game. Any advice on what I can do with the heavy bag would be great. Should I just beat the shit out of it with kicks or punches, or use something more regimented like my gym workouts.



You could run through the striking tree with either reps or time limits. We do this in our kick boxing class a lot. For instance, you'll throw 100 jabs without resting, then switch stance and throw 100 jabs with the other hand. Or throw 100 jab-cross combos, 100 lead-leg push kicks, 100 rear leg roundhouses, etc. Or instead of doing 100 (or however many) reps, you could throw a particular strike or combo for 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc.

You can come up with a ton of different variations, especially if you use knees and elbows too.


I would seriously tell you to go to a boxing gym and have someone show you how to punch with the correct technique.

If you're just wailing on the bag with no technique, it's not going to do much aside from ingrain shitty habits in your form.

If you have any friends, or know anyone who has competed, or taken MMA (seriously), they can show you for free.


I probably misled my knowledge. I'm not completely ignorant on how to punch (I did do karate for a large part of my youth), and I don't just wail even though that's what I made it sound like I did.

Plus youtube can probably help me with technique.

However, you are right that I should eventually join a boxing gym.


Agree completely here, and good point, Irish. Maybe sign up for a month to get the basics too.

Another good use is to toss the bag around. Its only 100 pounds but it would give a good aerobic workout. Try carrying it up some stairs for a good huff-and-puff workout.