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Heavy Bag Workout

My martial arts gym is going to be closed all the way through sunday for thanks giving, but I wanted to keep up with my boxing workout. I recently started boxing-kickboxing, and have only done it in classes with an instructor. I really have no idea what I’m going for when I am alone. I just don’t have the experience or understanding to design my own.

There is a heavy bag in my school gym where I will be doing this. Could someone give me a sample routine that I can follow, also with time limits? I would really appreciate it. Also, there is a 200 Meter indoor track right next to the heavy bag which can be used. And also access to jump ropes.
My main focus however is not so much conditioning. I really want to improve and work on my technique.

Thank you in advance.

If your main focus is to work on your technique, then do that…work on your technique.

Do four rounds, focus on the jab in one round, the cross in the other, left and right hooks in the last two.