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Heavy Bag Physique Benefits?


I know you guys will work the bag for the sake of your technique, timing etc, but does such work have any improvements to physique come with it?

We have a hanging heavy-bag at our local gym, and I've been giving it a go (rounds of 2 minutes hitting with 1 minute rest in between, x 10, takes about 30 minutes).

What would be the benefits of incorporating punch-bag sessions like this in a routine though, specifically from the physique point of view? This is of course assuming nutritional needs are met. Can it help develop shoulder/back musculature?



It won't cause any drastic changes, but it's an endurance workout, so fat will be burned. Don't expect any muscle growth, though.


This. I've been thinking of throwing some heavy bag tabatas in to my workouts.


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you ever see a boxer that wasnt lean and cut and very fit looking? 90 out of 100 boxers look ripped and cut. the heavyweights, look like an amature bodybuilders... just lacking in a bit of size. hit it every day and hit the speed bag too..


Im useless at standup and on bags, this is a major point for me to bring up!

O.P. - I could imagine minor deltoid/trap/pectoral hypertrophy but thats as far as id go in terms of muscle gain, but as previously stated It will definately help you burn some fat (which is indeed a phsique benefit!) :slightly_smiling:


Wow. Did a heavy bag tabata yesterday. Wow. Might've been the hardest one I've ever done. But yeah, hurt my wrists quite a bit. Even with wraps I think it still would've hurt a bit. I'll probably mix these in every couple weeks or so though still


Totally agree with this.

Running for a couple miles is endurance. Hitting the bag is just fucking brutal. I regularly do boxing workouts, and it's still grueling for me to do three or four three minute rounds.

I haven't had any problems with my wrists, but I used to have problems with my hands. I bought big 16 oz. gloves from Title and learned to wrap them and haven't had any problems since.

Learn how to hit it though, even if you watch a couple videos at most and get some tips. Just so you don't break your fuckin hand by punching it wrong.... its very easy to roll a wrist when you don't know what you're doing.

That being said, regardless of what these other dudes are saying, it will lead to some kind of hypertrophy in your shoulders, especially the front deltoid. You won't look like Ronnie Coleman, of course, but you won't look like a pussy either.


to add a little to the information already given. working a heavy bag, especially an Everlast leather, compared to the "water bags" that are used in a lot of "civilian gyms" you must wrap your hands very carefully. take it from someone who has had both wrists broke, never cut corners on your hands. Make sure the wrist and thumb are locked in stable, with good separation between the knuckles. to transfer power from the hips and shoulders, the wrist must be stable, allowing you to put a small twist on the punch, bringing the first two knuckles into play. often, if you lose concentration, or get pissed because you ate a good punch, you will start "winging" punches and end up connecting with the last two or three knuncles on the hand--bad news. good bag workouts are killers, pushing you into a realm of reality, whether you are training for the cage, ring or street. BTW, as one of my former trainers was fond of saying " the bag always wins" .good luck


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If your punching technique is correct,yiou are snaping from the hip and not the shoulder.Punching or kicking is a total body movement.
I dont think it can build up your shoulder and back.
It can ,however,build conditioning and hightened your CNS activation,if your hitting hard and are in aggressive state of mind.
Why dont you superset interval of hitting the bag with a set of some shoulder /back exercise like pull ups,barbell row,military press /dumbell press,shrugs


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I am just trying to me a smartass :wink:))