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Heavy Bag Help

Hey all! I was considering getting a heavy bag to pounce on and have general all around fun with. But the problem is I know nothing about them.
I have trouble finding a decent place to buy one from, any suggestions? (I live in Ontario, Canada). Also, I’m not sure how and where I would mount this thing. My basement/garage are options. I was thinking of just nailing something into the roof and hanging it. Seems pretty simple, maybe I’m not considering something? Anyway, I was look at this one:
Seems kind of expensive?
Anyway, any help/insight is greatly appreciated!

Seems OK, I would look for a leather or synthetic leather bag. I made the mistake of buying a vinyl bag and after only about 3 months use it shows signs of high wear. check out ringside.com they have good stuff. it may cost a little more to ship to Canada but its quality stuff.

ariesfightgear.com has amazing leather bag. I have one in my basement and it sweet.

Hmm, perhaps I will get a leather bag instead of vinyl then. Now, how do I go about hanging this thing anyway? They seem to come with chains and a swivel. Can I just stick this swivel on a roof? Sorry for the newbie questions haha.

I have mounted a few and it is best to mount to a metal beam or a metal plate, if you are a serious hitter that is. and a good swivel on the chain helps.

I don’t know how the house’s structure in Canada, but in the State you can hang it through the ceiling. You have to find the beam in the attic and drill a hole through or you can hang a log of wood between the beams and hang ur bag on that log(make sure you secure that log of wood).

Anyway, I have a stand for like $100 or so. I don’t remember, but it beats drilling hole in the ceiling. your choice…

get a leather water heavy bag those are really good i got one in my house and it does great, also you can buy stands for your bag. century has some cool stands with a speed bag on the other side, there nice prices to.

If you have trouble finding a place to hang your bag, I found a way to use freestanding bags that works even if you’re not an anorexic and can knock them over with every hit. I purchased one of those "BOB"s, which basically look like a bald headed bodybuilder who has had his arms and lower torso chopped off. I placed him on top of a platform made from 6X6 pieces of lumber screwed together, and then strapped him down to the platform with ropes. Lastly, I created a lip made from 1X2s affixed around the water filled base. The result is that BOB does little more than jump a little in response to all my strikes, though he does tend to drift across the floor over the course of a workout. Hope this helps