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heavy bag filling

lately for my cardio i have been boxing and jumping rope. i ordered a heavy bag and speed bag to use at home, however neither came filled. what do i fill it with, (i know its some kind of fibre), and where do i get the filling? thanks

you need a bladder for the speed bag, surprized it had none. For the heavy bag what did u pay? Ive never seen one for sale without filling. Mine is full of old shredded rag strips about on inch wide and a few inches to a foot or two long. Try sports auth for the bladder

Whoa, where did you order from? Ringside? Title? As far as I know, Ringside will ship a entire bag, but if it’s a freestanding, the base is empty - not the bag. Ko would be the authority here - he knows more about this stuff than I. My first suggestion would be to ask a local boxing gym. They’ll know.

Ed already told you about the bladder, you will also ned and air pump and needle. As for the Heavy bag, it can be filled with a number of different substances. What you fill-it with depend your training level, the type of bag you ahve (how heavy duty it is) and how you hang it. Starting with the easiest 1) foam rubber squares. 2) Un-pop popcorn. 3) Go to a local lumber yard and get dry saw dust. 4) rags that have been ripped into long strips and forced into the bag (Note: my first everlast bag was filled with this type of material). 5) Sand. 6) Pea gravel. Also there is a company that sells a water bladder that you can place in the bag (it is suppost to simulate the human body).
I currently use a custom made wooden man, tht consists of wood, steel, springs, canvas and high density foam.
I hope this helps.

the heavy bag was $17, the speed bag was 14, and it has a bladder. we ordered it from Links America, and believe you me I was very surprised it was not filled as well. ill run by the sports auth to see what i can find, but its gonna be hell trying to find something/enough to fill the heavy bag. its good quality material, but thats probably why its was so cheap. hell ill pay the extra for the filling next time!!

there are many different things u can use from rags to shredded tires. however,all these things selttle and have to be adjusted every onece and awhile.
use carpet backing.
cut it the length of the bag and then roll it up as tight as u can and insert it into the bag.

back in the day when I used to box, I also had this situation. I filled mine with sand, man what a mistake. After a wile the sand settled donw from punching and compressed. Hitting bag was like hitting a stone wall, or it sure felt like that. Unlesss you are specially conditioned, don’t use sand, dry saw dust is the better choice.

If you ever go to a boxing gym you’ll notice something: when a bag is NOT in use, it’s laying on the floor. Why? To avoid the problem you described. i

Sand is cheap, and has good weight. First fill the bottom with old rags, pack them in there. Then line the Bag with a heavy duty garbage bag ( double or triple bag it), and dump in your sand. Like Patricia said, store it on its side or even upside down to keep the sand from settling.The best way would be to put the sand into individually sealed bags. If you have access to one of those foodsaver devices, that is the way to go. Then fill it up with the little bags. This will keep the sand from settling, for awhile. Sawdust is good , but it does not have the weight. Next time buck up and buy a filled bag.

we’re going to fill it with as many old rags as possible, sawdust, and then the sand. (i think…) yeah i was pretty surprised that it didnt come filled. oh well its summer, not much else to do!

Mine also came with a dead mouse in it. Appearently the fucker crawled in their for a nap and never got out. It was kinda funny seeing him in with all the rags. BTW when we took it apart we never could get all teh rags back into it. Dont know if they use a special machine or what, it was a while ago maybie we were just lazy.