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Heavy Bag at Home?

Hey guys,

I’m in the midst of putting together a garage gym and want to hang up my 100lb ‘heavy’ bag.

Has anyone done this at home? In my garage I’m unsure of the beam sizing and don’t want to put it up only to knock it down.

I might just end up cutting out a section of the ceiling but figured I’d toss this out here before I do that.

The main problem you will probably get would be when you screw the hook into the beam, the beam might split. Or it might split after a month of use. So you could drill in a small hole that’s like half (or less) the width of the hook. It’s less likely to split that way, but if the guide hole is too wide then it will make the hook weaker.

Another option completely is to get some chains, wrap them around the beam, and then connect them to the bag.

With either option, make sure the beam is supported perpendicular to the direction the beam runs. If the beam is going to wobble sideways, then you’ll run into troubles later. I hope that makes sense to you.

I understand. If I end up cutting a hole in the ceiling to hang it I might just wrap the beam and drill a bolt through to keep it still.

It’s not a super heavy bag, so I won’t be beating on it TOO TOO bad…but i’d like to have it there so I can throw 50-100 punches and kicks a day.

if you were to cut through the ceiling, would that also go through the roof of the garage? You wouldn’t want the rain to drain through the hole and all over the bag.

If you have one large support beam through the center of the garage that’s like 3 beams thick, then you might be able to put a hook through the center beam/layer. Then the side beams would be supporting it so it doesn’t crack open.

Anyways, it’s hard to say for sure without seeing your garage.
Good luck and enjoy!

both mine are hanging on a chain wrapped around a 4x6 that lays across my rafters. Works great.

check out Title Boxing. They make a ceiling bracket that fits betweem ceiling beams that should work well on a bag that size.