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Heavy Androsol/Nandrosol usage?

Have any of you guys out there tried the higher dose (100-120 sprays 2x day) Androsol or Nandro 2 week cycle? Did it make a difference? I am going to use Nandrosol for the first time soon and I’m interested in any feedback. Thanks.

A few people have said so, that more sprays gave them better results on a second cycle, but then again, quite a few more guys have said that they got better results on a second cycle that used the SAME number of sprays, so far all we know, it wasn’t the increase in sprays that gave the better results.

My opinion is that for most people, the 70 sprays 2x/day protocol is at the flat end of
the dose response curve, where further dosing
gives little or no additional benefit.

But some people may have skin that absorbs less than average, and some people are much bigger than average, and these users could be expected
to benefit from increased application. Most users won’t though, it seems.

I have been taking 70 sprays of androsol twice a day, and 70 sprays of nandrosol once a day for a week now and I think that stack works great. I have gained 4lbs in a week. My girl is pissed at me cuz she thinks I am on juice again. That is how much I would recommend. I think everyone should try this that is having trouble with gains. I even bought this thinking I would get my $$ back and laugh my ass off at tmag… I was wrong… Only draw back to the high doses is that u can get a little sticky right after, and my girl was licking my chest and could taste it…

Thanks guys.