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Heavy and Light Days?

i deadlift every four days and recently i have started doing this: 3 reps 2 sets middel, 2 reps 2 sets heavy 1 set 1-2 reps maximal. but i am thinking this might make me useless outside the gym, as my endurance will burn out too quickly so what do you think of the idea to have 3 sets of 8-10 reps the deadlift session following after?

also i know conditioning is a big part in strongman, so i wanted to ask you when you get your conditioning and how? i currently run a push/pull/legs/rest,i have tried simply running 4 km on rest days but i burned out after like 8 weeks.

Tuesday- Lower ME
1-3rm Front Squat or Back Squat
Deadlift Variation ( Deficit, Speed, Band or Partial) 6-8 singles or 5x5 )
Posterior Chain ( Hams and Glutes )
Core Accessory 4x8 or 3x10

Wednesday or Thursday ME Press
1-3rm Press ( Log, Axle, Incline Press use bands as needed )
2 Pull Variation ( High Pulls, Rows, Chins, or Shrugs)
Biceps 3x12-15
Triceps 3x10

Saturday-Moving Events and Conditioning
Farmers or Yoke ( Possible Medley )
Sled Drag or Truck Pull
Stones or Sand Bag Loads

If conditioning for a show is need in the Press or Pull Events just go for a 5 or 6rm instead of a 1rm. Its all about being as specific for a comp but, if you don’t have a comp planned there’s lot’s of room to adjust
On off days walk up hill on treadmills nothing hard just get heart pumping, sled or sand bag carries very light like continual 10 mins of movement.

Here is an article about deadlift training for strongman: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/deadlifting_for_strongman

It’s a good read. A couple takeaways for me were:

–make sure to get enough warmup sets. The warmups can be singles but should start from a low weight (135) and move up no more a 45lb plate per side each set.
–train for maximum strength (1RM). The justification for this is that even in competitions for reps, the bar will be quite heavy. Increasing your 1RM from 600 to 650 is one of the most reliable ways to be able to rep 500 more times.
–Do some contest specific stuff to get the mechanics and rhythm down and know what to expect.

ah nice replies,

i’ll just focus on bringing up my 1rm

Check out steve pulcinellas iron sport method book, has a great strongman template and you vary intensity form week to week