Heavy 2x a Week?

Hey everyone was just wondering how a setup is made for 2 sessions a week of lower body.

I can squat 2x a week heavy, no problem at all. If I deadlift though in that time too my gains will halt pretty fast - ONLY in the deadlift though, squat will still rise. If I squat heavy 2x a week my squat will still keep going up no matter what, but my deadlift will only budge a little bit.

I’ve made the greatest gains (first deadlift cycle I tried) 8-9 weeks long and went from 425-500…that was the first cycle I tried. It consisted of deadlifting from the floor only ONCE a month. Everything else was front squat, stiff leg, rack pull, GM etc. etc.

My question here is though, I am ready to bring my deadlift up (if conv. goes up, modified sumo always goes up).

If I am training heavy and hard that one day for my legs (ME lower body) whatever terminology you wanna use, the 2nd day that I train (which would be a squat day) I am completely un-sure of how to set it up. Do I go heavy still, just keep the volume lower (I make good gains with lower volume higher intensity).

I’m just stumped how to create a 2nd lower body day in the week. I am assuming it would be best to do somethnig for the squat (5x5, or work up to a max) and then some assistance exercise (glute ham etc)

BUT is it not good to do a more dedicated back movement (back ext, rdl’s, etc.) and just keep most focus on legs (squats, glute ham etc.) and then save all back type movements on the other lower body day where I would have my ME exercise (front squat, rack pull, SLDL) and then finish off with back asssitance (RDL - yes that includes glutes and hamstrings, back extensions etc.)


You might have success pulling twice a week by making the second session a DE day. Do speed pulls, 7-10 sets of 2 reps with 60% of your max, maybe against bands or chains if you have them?

Question though, when you squat heavy twice a week do you use similar rep ranges for both days?

Why not have a squat day and a deadlift day?

That’s what I wanna do, have a squat day and a deadlift day. When I squat heavy 2x a week I will do 5x5 one day, and 1x5 the next squat day (that’s shoot for a 5 rep max)

I’ll do the 5x5 with 405-415 (straight sets no ramp), and the 1x5 I’ll do a quick warmup and bang out whatever I can do that day with 5 heavy reps, after 3 weeks I’ll drop to 3’s.

Assistance work is pretty much nothing because the 5x5 squats is quite a bit of volume and since it’s a heavier weight (400lbs for all sets) it can get pretty taxing.

I want to leave my squat in but focus on my deadlift cause it’s shit.

I was reading the standard template for westside and Jim talked about it and said people are going to heavy on dynamic day. And this hit home on me “Your form is trained on dynamic day.” And to you I respond, “Fool! It’s easy to lift correctly with light weight.”

While a safety squat bar can help increase your squat and deadlift, it won’t teach you correct form. This is because the variation of the bar will throw your form off. Then you throw this nugget at me, “Well, I will work up on dynamic day to 90%” and to you I respond, “Are you now doing two max effort workouts a week?”

And of course that’s what I am AlWAYS doing…2 max effort days a week, but that can’t necessarily be a bad thing can it? I mean I made this much gains on my squat and what not from doing that.

But I think my deadlift has just suffered incredibly ebcause of it. As well as VERY POOR PLANNING (kept pulling off floor every weekwhen I know I just burn out real quick and make absolute zero day gains.