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Heaviest Stones

If anyone knows the answers please plug in.

Heaviest atlas stone ever loaded onto platform?
Heaviest Inver or natural river stone loaded?
Heaviest Husafell stone ever carried?
Heaviest block or stone pressed over head?
Heaviest stone tossed for height?

Bumped for interest.

I don’t know if this is the heaviest natural stone lifted but Derek Poundstone loaded a 517lb stone (picture)

Here is a video of the heaviest Atlas Stones lifted

Zydrunas also loaded the 525 at this years Arnold for a double I think. There is vids out there i just couldn’t find it right now.

Derek Poundstone holds the overhead block lift at about 310-320lbs

Found the video of the 525 stone at the Arnold 2008


I think the first two are a sub 500 stone btw.

Derek poundstone had a pretty bad torn pec and he lapped the 525 3 times!