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Heaviest Pistols?


Done 3 sets of 2 full reps ass to grass with two 45lb dumbbells today. Got me thinking - how heavy do people go with pistols? No one else does them in my gym. Couldn't find any "pistol records" on the net.

How heavy do you guys go? Have you known anyone to put up some really heavy weights with this exercise? A PLing friend of mine suggested that the people who actually go heaviest on them are the figure-skating dudes :stuck_out_tongue:


there is a reason why you never see people doing these


Then maybe this thread should be moved to the "Dude's Figure Skating" forum.


But, as Poliquin will tell you, figure skaters have the freakiest quads since Tom Platz.


I hate pistols...mainly, well probably completely because I can't even do one without feeling like I'm going to fall over and snap my shin too.
I used to hate Overhead squats too...until I could do them. But anyway, i don't feel the need to try pistols again. Whatever, maybe some time.


The desert eagle is pretty fucking heavy for a pistol.


^^Well done on picking a pistol that coincides with the OP's username.

The original Navy Colt was pretty f'ing heavy.


Frank Yang has done pistols with 60s for reps, thats the heaviest I know of.


I heard Chuck Norris does pistols with 1986 fiats, but that was during his Walker Texas Rangers day.


Not sure about figure skaters, but I'd say it's true with speed skaters.

Although, I'd amend the statement to be, "the freakiest quads relative to the rest of their bodies."


The guy on YouTube who throws the bar over his head doing Zercher squats (maybe somebody knows who I mean) is also shown on YouTube doing pistols in a front-squat configuation (with no hands!) with what appears to be 135 pounds. He's knocking 'em out, too.


I would be interested in seeing this guy.


Steve Cotter can do a single with two 32 kg kettlebells in the rack position. That being said, this doesn't really have much relevance for BB.


link please


And it's totally functional quad muscle, vs the unfunctional quads of bodybuilders....



WTF is up with his hang clean?
Anyway, 115lb pistol. Not sure about the no hands thing so maybe this isn't the vid he was talking about.


Is there a reason why you call them pistols and not 1 legged squats?


The way I understand it, there are two types of single leg squat. The pistol is the version with the leg out in front. Your body is sort of shaped like a pistol (leg is the barrel).


With that weird single leg front squat, I am fairly sure he will end up with some nasty back problems.


I was wrong about the weight - in another video he's doing pistols in goblet squat style with 48 kg and working hard. I wasn't thinking and didn't realize that bumper plates can be less than 45 lbs (duh). Not sure what he's using here... 95 lbs? Anyway, sorry to overstate the weights, still a nice feat of strength here though (6 good reps with something...)

This is him throwing the bar over his head, doing Zercher squats: