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Heaven in fiction


I posted a thread on Heaven that got some great responses... As a follow up... My question now is maybe more curious. Why is there so little fiction on Heaven? Specifically films. Why is no one in Hollywood taking the opportunity to explore this? Lame attempts have been made, but this seems like really interesting topic for a film. You die.... Here is what happens next.


I feel no other question is half as interesting to a person. How many stars are there? How old is the universe? Is there alien life out there. Perhaps these questions are tangent, but are not as important to you... You as a person. You will die ... Whatever you thought was interesting as a question... Whatever you explored.... It will be gone to you. The question you have after that... Is what's next?


I think the answer is, it's not interesting to speculate and nobody really knows. As you said, previous attempts have been lame. No doubt because they are shooting in the dark. They have no idea. I don't think it's because they didn't try hard enough.
Psychologically passive entertainment falls into two categories basically. That which can transport the person somewhere else. That which a person can relate. There's usually an intermixing because relating is a needed hook to get people to bite on the alternate reality. No much else falls as out liars.


You can see stars, you live in the universe. We can relate, they tell us about us. Nobody knows what heaven is like for real. It may not be understandable. Our knowledge has limits.

Now NDE's that's something else... 'Flatliners' was a big success as NDE fiction.


When there is no evil, there is no antagonism.
When there is no antagonism, there is no story.
When there is no story, there is nothing to narrate, and not much to show.

And yes, eternal bliss would be that boring.


While I disagree with its portrayal of heaven and there are all sorts of things that fly in the face of Christian doctrine, as a movie I actually enjoyed "What Dreams May Come".


lol! It shows how different people are. I found that movie torture. I would have left if the friend who insisted I see it didn't have a womanly affection for it. To each his own I guess.


If you are looking for satisfaction through the senses, then yes. I just want to be happy. Whether that's happy doing something or happy doing nothing I don't care as long as I am happy.


"The Great Divorce" by CS lewis is probably my favorite portrayal.