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Heating Possibly Crashed Gear


What's up everyone? Just need some quick advice on this.

I have some stuff left over from last time that I am going to use to frontload. It's been sitting around, room temp no light, for about 3 months. I took it out and it's all cloudy. I shook it up a little and the *particles ( I don't know what to call the undissolved hormone) hung around in the oil for a bit but eventually settled at the bottom again.

Is this what crashed gear looks like? Should I just vent it and heat it up a bit to see if it becomes clear again?

How hot and for how long? 250 degrees for 20 minutes?



1) If this has happened at room temperature than it is at too high a concentration to be stable.

That doesn't mean that you can't temporarily have it in a supersaturated state after heating to dissolve fully. It does mean that it will "crash" again given time, or perhaps recrystallize after injection (as a guess, I think this happens with TP but don't know if it happens with others.)

2) Why not just use a moderately hot water bath. Even hot tap water should be sufficient, combined with some swirling.


I have done this in the past with some crashed UGL prop. Mine had not come out of solution too badly, but there was a little "swirl" of crystallization in the oil. I put in a cup filled with hot water and this took care of the problem. I think it crashed one more time after that, so I just started heating the oil every time I injected. I never had any issues with the hormone crystallizing in my muscle, thankfully.


What are the potential problems with hormones crystallizing in the muscle?

Abcess? Inactivity? Pain?


It is just a theory I have, but where high concentration (specifically 100 mg/mL) testosterone propionate has been painful yet with cosolvent (particularly BA) concentrations that the user has found non-objectionable at other times, this may be due to crystallization inside the muscle.

The BA is water soluble and thus will partition out of the oil solution fairly quickly after injection, leaving the TP at a concentration which the oil itself cannot hold without crystallization.

At least, it can't in the vial. What happens in the muscle I don't know. It is only a possible explanation.

Abscess or inactivity aren't concerns from this.


Speaking of, while actually it's irrelevant, one of the prettiest sights I've ever seen is trenbolone acetate "snowflakes" appearing and falling out of supersaturated hexane solution. (I don't use a method involving that anymore, but used to.)

It's amazing: it really is like a snowfall except for the flakes appearing out of nowhere as they fall, and the snowflakes are quite large and fluffy. Very nice.

Admittedly unrelated, except as an example of a steroid crystallizing out of a supersaturated solution and how in some cases this can be rapid.


Pain. I believe in the states it is a Charliehorse? :wink:


Yes, a "Charlie horse". Kind of like getting punched in the leg by the strongest person you know just to inflict an incredibly painful cramp. The only difference is, after getting punched the pain goes away in a few hours; but the pain from an over saturated prop shot sometimes stays for days.


Thanks for the replies everyone.

I heated it up under some hot water. Most of the cloudiness went away but it was not as clear as some other stuff I have. I injected it anyway. No pain today in either site.


Yeah - in the Uk tha is a dead arm.

Anyway, bonez: Yea vent the vial and oput in in the middle of the oven at 100c (or equivalent - IIRC it is around 240f but don't quote me).
this will sort it out for good.

After stashing a considerable amount of gear outside in the great British winter-time, i found i had to do this with a lot of my things.. works a treat.



That is a much higher temperature than what could possibly be necessary.

Testosterone is chemically stable enough that the overkill should not matter; I am not sure in the case of trenbolone. If there is no color change -- still bright canary yellow -- it should be fine, but if it browns any, then it has been damaged.


Of course - a have a rock solid block of 100g of test enanth in my freezer as we speak, as it came in the summer and melted at room temp!

But Bonez gave no clue as to the drug so i could only give a generalization - i should of course stated that in the post.

I should also add of vital importance (and shoddily overlooked) that is NOT a pre-heated temperature.