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Heating Pad on Infection/Swelling?

It seems a lot of people recommend using a heating pad to an area which is suffering from pip. My only concern is that I’m unsure if the pain I’m suffering is pip or an infection.

I injected my quad on Friday - had a bit of a dead leg sensation on Saturday, but still trained legs. But it got worse on Sunday (possibly due to a combo of pip and Doms) and is still not better today. I can’t really bend my leg, but there is no sign of redness or any lumps. In terms of fever, I’ve just been feeling a bit hotter than usual, but nothing other than that.
There’s no redness, but the area is ever so slightly swollen (which is possibly related to the fact I’ve been applying a heating pad to it religiously for the past few days).

I went to a walk-in doctors for minor injuries, and she basically just gave me some painkillers (naproxen) and antibiotics to be safe, saying it could be pip or it could be an infection (and that if it doesn’t get better in the next 48 hours, go to the hospital).
So in the mean time, I’m a little unsure as to what to do in the mean time - if it is an infection that causes inflammation, surely applying heat would only worsen it?

Any help would be much appreciated.

How many cycles have you done? I remember my first injection from my first cycle. I couldn’t use my leg for like a week. You would know by now if it was an infection. Idk about applying heat after you inject. The pain is most likely caused by the test crystallizing before it soaked into the muscles. I always heat the muscle directly after I inject and massage it into the muscle deeper.

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Hey gaintrain, thanks for the response.
This is only my second cycle, and the first cycle I used a lab that later turned out to be half dose.
Now using a concentrated blend with 400mg per ml, and I tried to frontload with 2ml (rookie mistake for a noob, I guess). So I figured that could be the problem - just never knew pip could be so bad!
So you think this is more likely to be pip than an infection?

Ya, I think its pip. If it was infection your leg would most likely be black and blue and youd be in a lot more pain. Youll get through. If you were pinning 2ml you should have gone with the VG

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Okay cool - thanks for putting my mind at ease!