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Heating Crashed Gear (Overheating and Potency?)

I have some crashed masteron. My first time ever getting crashed gear. I put the vial on frying pan and heat it up at high heat 350-400 F for like 10 min and gradually turned the heat down while shaking it a few times in between.

I didn’t put a pin at the top of the vial to let it vent out and the top didn’t blow off. The crystals were dissolved and I was able to inject. But now I’m worried that I may have overheated it. Should I worry about any potency loss?

Also, any way to tell if I did destroy the potency? If it re crystallizes again at room temperature, does that mean that the hormone is still there and potent? Thanks.

Melting point for masteron from memory is around 55deg C, a lot less than the temps you have used. Despite that the stuff is probably okay. I’d be more concerned about the effect of the heat on the rubber vial.
Solutions crash usually because not enough solvent is used for the amount of powder. Usually a high mg/ml solution. In that case it will probably crash again.