Heating/Cooking Protein Iso/Concentrate?

So I’ve read from multiple places that the protein breaks down and becomes less metabolic. I was just wondering if this is true, because I eat a lot of oatmeal (hot) and just mix in a scoop of chocolate whey iso. I will say it does give it a weird consistency and does make it look strange, but is it actually going to make it less effective?

Protein powders definitely can be cooked with.

It is true heating weaken the bonds between peptides, however in meats this is of course desired - to make it easier to chew.

With a powder, i limit the time i cook it to a couple/three minutes on a burner (not the microwave) and with water and oats.

If anything, it would increase the bio-availability i would guess.

I think ‘metabolic’ is the wrong term here though…

Cooking protein is fine.