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Heated Possibly Crashed Gear, Now Test Flu?

Hey all!

Basically I got some advice to heat the Test E I am using (250mg per 1ml and having 500mg a week) as it seemed as though it had possibly crashed due to super bad PIP.

The first 3 pins I just pulled up super sore from just an hour or so after pinning.

I’m on my 4th pin of my first cycle, I felt fine the first 3 other than real pain in the muscle, after pinning I felt nothing at all for close to 8 hours and then pain came, but then today I’ve woken up feeling real sick/fluey, I’m not sure if maybe I did fix the gear and now I got the test flu from it? Or if I’ve just caught a cold (winter here in Australia) and I really did nothing by heating it?

My guess is the pain could still be from it being a virgin muscle.

Thoughts would be appreciated:)

Take some neurophen or Panadol for the test flu. It will pass.
For PIP, it depends on how bad it is,. Painful when touched but doesn’t stop you from doing anything, or crippling, in pain all the time and can’t move the limb, swelling? As for what might be causing it, use the search function to get a better idea of the potential causes,and how to try and avoid it, because it has been covered many times. Virgin muscle, some people have sites that are more painful than others, bad reaction to a specific ingredient like a solvent are common causes.