Has anyone here tried Metaform Heat? how about Ultimate Orange? Thoughts?

Ultimate Orange is just a powdered ECA type of stimulant that tastes like shit. I think they have capsules now though. Isn’t “Heat” just protein powder mixed with ECA? Not sure why anyone would mix those two. I’m sure any stimulant would work better on an empty stomach. I think Metaform is just a Weider supplement isn’t it?

I got a shitload of both free, thats why i was asking. I just tried the orange, and it was damn strong so I like it. as for the heat it looks kinda gimmecky, I mean its an MRP with a hell of a lot of thermogenics in it, but I guess if you were one of those few who train at like 4:30 in the morn it would be worth a shot

While I am at it, the ultimate orange has about 12 grams of hydrosolate in it per serving, surely this can only be a good thing?