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Heat & Supps?


This question is not just for the Biotest supps but also for any "mail order" supps that we might get. A question on the Carbolin 19 thread got me thinking about it though.

I live in the midwest and it has been in the mid to high 90s all week. Now if I have my supps delievered to me they are going to cook in a non-cooled fed-ex truck when they get here. Hell, if any of "your" stuff is trucked through my neck of the woods then your supps are cooked too. Even if its snowing where you live.

So how bad do you think that this heat is for our supps whether they be from Biotest or anywhere else?

*Is that why people seem to bulk so well in the winter? Are their supps just finally working? :wink:


My Supps make it from Biotest all the way the biggest sh*thole place in southwestern Europe and get here to me just fine. I have had good results from all the supps I have tried. I am originally from Kansas so I know about midwestern heat and it is hotter where I am at now. Your supps should be just fine! Pop em and get to the gym =*)