Heat Sterilizing Questionable Gear

Let’s just say a person got some Testosterone Enanthate, by mail, from, let’s just say Thailand, for example. And let’s suppose that it was packaged in a most unconventional fashion…such a fashion that did not lead to a lot of confidence in it’s sterility.

What would happen if this person decided to transfer the contents to sterile vial and bake in the oven at, let’s say, about 250 for 90 minutes…would this destroy the hormone?

Any other way to sterilize the product?. I suppose more BA could be added, but said product already has a reputation for painful injections, due, presumably to already high BA content.

I’ve ‘heard’ people place vials in boiling water for a few minutes. Not sure how uncertain the sterility of this stuff is, but putting it in a container and into oven then into vial can add a good amount of unsteriledness (Bushism) if you haven’t done it before.


i could be wrong but im pretty sure boiling only takes care of certain kinds of viruses and is ineffective against all kinds of bacterial spores BUT if you have access to no other means of sterilization something is always better than nothing. as far as heat damaging the test, Clear liquids that would be damaged by heat, irradiation or chemical sterilization can be sterilized by mechanical filtration. This is used for sensitive pharmaceuticals and protein solutions

I know from home canning of foods that 212F is not enough to kill certain spores (hence the need for all the steaming apparatus to get temps to about 250 for 90 minutes).

My plan is to transfer contents to sealed, sterile vial…put a pin in the top to vent and then bake. I was simply curious if any of you chemists out there know if this would degrade hormone.

I do have some whatmans on the way - perhaps that would be a better option.

you can bake the test. But if you just transfer from one vial to another and heat, you could be leaving pathogens in the solution.

Whatmans are the only way to go.

By Whatmans do you mean a .22 um sterile hydrophobic syringe filter? This stuff is oil based, right? You might lose some product to binding in the filter but I wouldn’t worry about it.

Don’t worry about viruses. We don’t worry about viruses in sterile drugs. Get some sterile blue paper like the kind Dr.s use and put some isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray everything down with the IPA inluding your hands. You might want to wear some nitrile gloves to protect your skin from irritation. Alcohol won’t kill the spore formers (Bacillus).

yes, use a .22 um filter. it will rid of all contaminants. you can rinse the filter after the first push through with extra solution, if you have some.

Im pretty sure your talking about probably the most known UGL in Thailand and I can say Ive used their gear quite a bit to include Test E and despite the look of the packaging I’ve never had a problem. But if your real worried use the .22 um filter like mentioned.