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Heat-Resistant Canister


I'm looking for a canister about the size of a protein-shaker, maybe a bit larger, that will keep whatever is inside cool. It will be kept inside of my bag in my car, which heats up in the sun, and makes the contents of the container warm. Right now, I use an Animal Omega can and it heats up too quick.

Any suggestions?


Would one of these bitches work?

I have no clue, but they are tough as nails. My grandfather used the same one for 47 years. He gave it to me when he retired, and I got all sentimental and shit.


You need to be able to reach to the bottom with your hand, so no tapered openings. I was looking at something like
But it'd be better if they had a white one. Being smell-proof would also be a huge plus.


Shit for $4 it can't hurt to try it out.


My curiosity is getting the best of me...... what do you plan on storing inside of the container?


What is being stored in it?


Some sort of liquid.

What do i win?


These facts piqued my interest as well.


Ahhh the old weed-in-the-double-bottomed-thermos-flask eh? Everyone does that.

You, sir, go through alot of trouble for the sake of anonimity.

Wouldn't explain the white part...


I'm betting he's keeping Animal Omega packs in it...


How do you make it double bottomed? That would help a ton.