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I would really like a reply from Brock on this one, but any feedback appreciated. GAC has just put out a new product called “Heat Miser.” This is a combination of T3, Clenbuterol, and Yohimbine. It comes in a 50ml bottle. Does anybody have a usage protocol for this stuff? The recommendations I have from the man himself are to up the dosage until you hit three doses a day, but how long can I do this for? I know it’s better to cycle it with the T3 content? Anybody have any info on this?

I am also really interested in hearing from Brock on this one.  And, what if one were to use and androgen (trenbolone acetate) in combination with heat miser.  Would an average 2-3rd time AS user want to add anything else other than some clomid? (some type of testosterone - maybe); obviously the goal here would be to get lean for summer. What kind of doseing?

C’mon Brock, step in buddy. I know you’re out there somewhere.

Will Bill take a stab at this one?

Oh well DOT, I’ll send it in and maybe it’ll get on a Strasseroids column.

This will be addressed in the next Strasseroids.

Neat product…I hate clen though. -