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Heat Miser Update?

Hey Scott…I think it was you that started the Heat Miser a couple of weeks ago. Give us an update as to your success with it so far, as well as doses you are using, and side effects. Thanks.

Wasn’t me JRR. I should be starting the finaplix (converted from Brock’s kit) next week along with some other goodies. I will let you know how that works out. By the way, are you the same JRR from the gade? I think you told me already in email, but I forgot. See ya.

Yep…same JRR. Sorry, thought it was you on the HM. Interested to see how the kit works. I have two right now, but just finished some GAC Tren, so need to wait a month or so. Let me know how the pellets mix up…I heard it was better than “A’s”.

I started the heat miser thread. Let’s just say that the past 2 weeks have been VERY PRODUCTIVE as far as losing fat is concerned. I had to cut back because I just feel lousy when I get this low in bodyfat. I will be happy to address any questions concerning HM, but they need to be specific.

Racer…How many carbs/calories per day are you consuming? How much cardio? Side effects?

JRR, i already mixed pellets. very easy, very effective. i hadn’t done it before but i still found it to be real simple. probably ended with 23 ml or so. i’ll let you know how i do “on” it once i start. take it easy.

Yep…I have been reading that the kits were relatively easy to use. Am interested if you have any flu-like symptoms after injecting.

JRR: I am currently not doing any cardio, but my real training season is right around the corner (adventure racer) so it will dominate my training whereas weight training has been my primary focus for the last few months. I will continue to weight train, of course, but I will be kayaking, running, mountain biking, rock climbing, etc. Side effects? Well, the first few days I was noticeably hotter and just felt flush in the face, which can probably be attributed to the yohimbine. Other than that nothing else that was prominent enough for me to notice. As far as calories are concerned, here is my typical food intake for a training day:

0900: 60g Advanced Protein 15g fat(fish,flax)
1100: 40g Advanced Protein 10g fat(fish, flax)
1200: Train
1300: Post-Workout Dring 25p 50c
1400: 45g protein 75g carbs
1700: 60-70g prot 20g EFA’s(flax, fish, olive)
2000: 60-70g prot 20g EFA’s
2300: 40-50g prot 10g EFA’s
Middle of the Night: 60g protein 5g EFA’s

I will be happy to answer any other questions you have.

Racer…looks like you are eating little solid food. Am I correct in this assumption? How much fat have you lost so far? How much do you want to lose? Any cheat days? Thanks again.

JRR: I guess I failed to give you enough detail on my food intake. All meals eaten after the post-workout drink involve solid food and nothing but. I make sure to eat an 8oz or so piece of salmon per day, and the other protein sources come from turkey, round steak, eggwhite omelettes with fat-free cheese, and sometimes chicken. When I started HM I was right under double digits for bodyfat (calipers). I currently sit at a bit over 6%, and that is without even watching my water intake or taking any diuretics. As I stated earlier, I have no desire to stay at this range for very long because I do not function as good as when I am closer to 8% (although I do enjoy seeing my serratus anterior clearly). Thus, I am done (for now) with the HM. If you have anymore questions just fire away.

Thanks for the info bro…good luck with your racing. I’m ordering the HM for my pre-summer cutting cycle.

I admit some ignorance here, guys, and I had no luck with a search.

What is the "Heat Miser (Diet?)? THANKS!

Heat Miser is a GAC cutting stack that is comprised of T3/Yohimbine/Clenbuterol. It is in liquid form and is distributed by a reputable supplier.

Heat Miser is made by GAC , it contains T3,clenbuterol ,and yohimbine.

Thanks, guys…never stop learning!

racer, were you taking HM on it’s own or with aas?

No, I was not taking HM on its own. For my already-lean physique that would have been a disaster.