Heat and Hypertrophy?

does heat effect muscle building at all? I hear benefits of saunaing and/or hot-tubbing post workout to be benficial, and i seem to make better gains in the summer than winter…iunno this might sound stupid but its just a question.

Heating up and cooling down increases blood flow and thus recovery. (ex. From sauna to cold pool and back to sauna.)

Toxins are also released from your body when you sweat.

I take hot/cold showers where its hot for 2 minutes then frigid for 30 seconds. I do this after intensive workout a I actually just took one after my morning run. It improves recovery, LiftSmart stated, by increasing blood flow throughout your body. I even target the water on the muscle groups (like my legs) that feel the most damaged.

I usually go 4 cycles of switching then just relax in some warm water. It works for me…really cuts down on soreness.

Works good for me too, after doing doing my workouts whether it’s cardio or lifting I usually streth in the hot shower as well. (In my apartment… not in the gym among 5 other naked men)

lift smart whereabout in BC are you…im in coquitlam

[quote]ty45 wrote:
lift smart whereabout in BC are you…im in coquitlam[/quote]

I’m stuck on the shitty island in a shitty town.

Port Alberni.

Moving to Van next year though.