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Heartburn, Digestion Problems and Estrogen Levels

Can heartburn and digestion problems be symptoms of high or low estradiol?

Google says there might be a correlation. Also, on the MtF transgender Reddit, some people taking estrogen are reporting this.

I feel I have some symptoms of high estrogen now that I have switched from Arimidex to Aromasin. Maybe my Aromasin dosage is not enough (3 mg per day for 250 mg of test per week, 1500 ngdl). And in the last few days my heartburn symptoms have gotten worse and I have had more digestive problems.

Has anyone here experienced this with high E2?

Hmm a quick search on my end doesn’t show anything solid. And I wouldn’t take the MtF section to heart only because they are probably dealing with a bunch of shit that could cause heartburn.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I have random episodes of heartburn no specific food sets it off it just shows up Zantac 150 is a God send for me.

As far as guessing your E2 levels and possibly raising the AI I would not reccomend this. I would allow your body to acclimate to the adex- aromosin transition dose for a couple weeks then if your still puzzled get a blood rest before raising dose.