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Heartbreak stories?

O.k, this might be a testosterone forum but any true man is not afraid to show his true emotions. With that said I have been thru hell with my ex girlfriend for the past 10 months. Everytime I heal up a little bit she re-enters my life somehow and messes me up all over again. I just saw her three days ago again and I find myself emotionally distraught and very sad.

We have all gone thru something similar it seems, I would like to read your story and how you got over it. I need to get my mind of this. Tell me there is hope… Thank you!

look up scrub’s posts on his ex. Then Tony G (I believe). There are a few others.

Gotta hate those girls who keep entering your life again and again. Just when you got your head off her bosom, there she goes again driving to school, going to work, and just about everything else a normal person does. I mean, this is clearly invasion of privacy if not stalking!

Oh come on, this one was so juicy grilling on the BBQ, I had to take a bite.

On a serious note, yeah it sucks. Nothing you can do but wait a possibly long time.

she enters your life cause you let her. kick her chickenhead ass away dude, trust me. i’ve been through it too. from here on out shes dead, no longer able to communicate with you or your friends

I shouldnt have said that. I apologize.

Make her think you love her (shouldnt be too hard), get her in the sack, then give her a 10 dollar bill and tell her to go home and thank you for your service. Make sure to let her know you’ll be sending her referrals.

Move on and don’t look back. She comes back because you let her. Lepards always have spots as zebras always have stripes. Let it go, your sanity depends on it. Can you work OT at your job? do so. take a class or something.

I probably should have clarified what me “seing her” meant. She called me and wanted to meet up, which we did.

You guys are right, she re-enters my life because I let her. It pisses me off that I’ve lost all will power to prevent it…but as you pointed out, my sanity might just depend on it and I just have to stick to my guns this time. By the way I know that she’s not doing it to mend things between us, I’m just a “back-up” admirer, also known as a first class moron.

Thank you for your support guys and keep 'em coming!

Sounds like the old “Offspring” song: Self Esteem. Are you just a booty call to her? Figure out what YOU want, then make it happen. Want her back, then charm her ass off. Don’t want her back, kick her to the curb. Best thing for your sanity.

The best way to get over a former lover is to get under a new one…or in your case, on top or behind would work too. ;o)

Women like this make life difficult for the really great women out there.

Learn to say NO and mean it. Good luck with this, I know it isn’t easy. Have some self respect and don’t look back…there are too many women in the world to let one with issues use up any more of your time.

With this type of lady, the more you like her the less she likes you and vice-versa. Don’t talk to her, don’t call her, don’t even pick up the goddamn phone (You have caller id right?). You are weak because you love her and you think things are going to be different but they aren’t bro. Keeping yourself occupied is key cause you don’t think of her when you’re getting tanked with your friends, you think of her when you are alone at your house being a pussy and watching Lifetime.

“When you’re honest they will deceive you, if you lie then they will believe you, if you love them they will just leave you, but if you play them they will stay with you.”- The smartest man ever? No, a shitty little band named Mest

I am with White Flash,you are letting her enter back into your life,well DONT!dude i say this from experence b/c i got out of a 3 1/2 year relationship that was like this,then finally i said F it im not letting her back in this time,i have replaced her with a few other girls i am dating now,and let me just say im am digging the single life once again!!

Man, just think BALANCE. The most needy party is always the loser. If she does not want you as much as you want her, its bad to start. Time will compound this difference even more. Worse, whats the sense in offering if she ain`t taking? At best, you annoy her, at worst, she uses you just for the fun of it.

To have an clear view of things, reverse the situation. Have you ever met a girl you knew would eat your bathwater to have you, so to say? No challenge. No desire. No need to respect her that much either, since you honestly dont care and use corresponding behavior. You probably tend to dont care of her at all, which prompts her even more to have you, or go even further to gain you back (at least, in low self-esteem ones, high self-esteem ones don`t eat dust for long and go for more self-respecting situations instead of staying there).

You get the idea. Keep things equal in the balance.

Just my 2 cents.

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Well, she called me again telling me she was going to be in town for the day. This time I told her to take a hike. I also told her not to call me anymore and that it was clear that we weren’t going to be getting back together so I was just going to cut my losses and bail. I’m sick and tired of being a slave to my emotions.

Hopefully I did the right thing. I feel…somewhat liberated yet terrified.

I don’t think I’ll ever let a girl really hurt me again. Live and learn, basically. Don’t let anyone control your emotions.

There is definitely hope dude! You just need to meet some new women. If you’re still a student then you’re golden, lots of legal ass everywhere you look. I know you miss your girl and want things to work out, and they can, but not if you play by her rules on her turf. Cut off ALL contact with your ex for now, and don’t give her the time of day until you’ve met and started seeing/boning a new girl who is far more attractive. I know, sounds all superficial…it is…but lets all be honest: would you be going through so much turmoil if your ex gf was butt ugly? Think about that for a second…if your girl was about 50 lbs heavier, lots of cellulite on those thighs right beneath the pony-express saddly bags, chicken leg hanging out of her mouth like a cigarette, would there even be an issue here…see, now that you know a large part of your problem is just physical, it stands to reason that you can fix that part of the problem by finding someone else…fast. Once you’ve found someone else you really like, then you can meet up with your ex if you want and you’ll be in control of everything, but you’ll probably be too busy boning a much better looking girl to even care.

Well I have been there.
My ex-wife used to call me several times aday just to tell me how much she hates me and how big a fuck up I was…Even though I had a real job and didn’t smoke weed every hour… I just learned how to piss her off even more so she would hang up finally she got the point and moved away… Its hard to get over exs and everyone has a differnt way to do it…
Colin A.K.A Thecuda

What do you do if both you and the girl are crazy about each other? Both of you would do anything for each other, and both can’t go a single minute without thinking about the other person? She would drink my bath water, and I would kill my mother for her if I had to. BUT… for various reasons, we can’t be together? Distance is not the issue, we live only a few miles apart – but a bunch of unique circumstances have made it so that we can’t be together.

Suicide? Try to move on? Put it out of your mind and hope things change? Move to a different state?

It’s not that hard, the hardest part is having to see her and talking to her on the phone. Needless to say, this is main reason why my progress in training has stalled for the past few months (most of this year). Although recently, things have gotten better, as I’ve just trained through it. Coming off of 2 weeks of GSP & Mag-10 with good results.

It’s funny though, many times I’ll be lifting in the gym, and thinking, “I really don’t care about lifting weights, getting strong, or looking good. Nothing really matters right now.” But I just sack up and do the set. Didn’t miss a single workout (15 workouts in 2 weeks – sometimes 2 a days).

“Hopefully I did the right thing. I feel…somewhat liberated yet terrified.”

what are you terrified about?just get the balls(remember we are in the T-Forum here) up to start talking to girls and you will be set…