Heart wreching stuff on Veteran's Day

I have no words to add to this:

I read these this morning and almost cried.

These letters are touching, but I am highly skeptical of the Times motivation for printing them. The Times are anti-war and anti-Bush, and definitely have an “axe to grind” in my humble opinion. Let us never forget that these great men and women volunteered to serve their country and unfortunately this is always done with the posibillity of haveing to make the ultimate sacrifice of laying down ones life. I am a veteran of the Marine Corps and this is my persprective, on this issue. To all who have served,-God Bless You!

I did not post this as any sort of anti-war propaganda. I guess I look at it in a whole different light. I’d think that, not only should we be thanking those who have served, but thank the FAMILIES of those who serve, and have given the ultimate sacrifice, and we should live such that their sacrifice is not in vain.


I have duty today (for those who don’t know me yet, I’m Active Duty Navy) and part of what I do at sunset on duty days is bring the mighty Ol’ Glory down off the yardarm. Myself and the other dude on duty marched out, stood at attention, untied the line that holds our flag and waited for the bugle order to bring her down.

TC, RenegadeDragon, and the other folks who live in SD might have noticed the amazing sunset tonight.

I started to reflect on what today means, then I looked up at the gargantuan flag we fly on Sundays and Hollidays hanging in the foreground of a killer sunset and started to well up like a kid. By the time colors was secured I was all choked up and tingly like I was going to loose it.

Needless to say I kept my composure, but I’m thankful I was able to perform this small ceremony today. Our world was forged out of average guys doing above average things and making the ultimate sacrifice for his buddies, and his flag.

Please don’t cheapen this day with banter about who is pro-war or anti-Bush. This day is about the men and women who waved goodbye to their loved ones and didn’t come back. It also pays homage to the old guy sitting in his armchair who offered his brightest days to protect his nation.

Heavy day, that is for sure.

Take care T-folks