heart rate

I was at a party the other day. Two of the women, both over 40 by a few years, were talking about having low resting pulses. It’s a pain in the ass when you deal with the average overweight nurse. My resting pulse is about what theirs was, 44-48, and I’ve had the same troubles explaining things. None of us do much cardio but all three of us are pretty fit. The women are competive 3 day event riders and one is a ski racing coach and personal trainer too. I’m a recreational skier and I lift weights and have for 25 years.

I think anerobic type work is as good at improving BP and HR as aerobic stuff is but it’s just an opinion so I could be wrong.

Jake, ditto what TT said. I personally think that weight training is a mild form of HIIT if you’re working hard enough. I play basketball for 2 hours at a time, but my heart rate still gets up there pretty well after a set of heavy deads. So yes, you should ease into it, but you’ll be starting from a decent baseline due to your years of lifting experience. You have that going for you versus someone that has never done either cardio or weights.

“The Running Man” by Christian Thibaudeau is a good read, and it gives some outlines for interval training: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION